Storage space as a single person can be tricky depending on where you live, what you like to do and how much stuff you have. When you are in a couple however, things can be even more complicated. Too much stuff everywhere can lead to arguments, there might be more of one person’s stuff than another person’s, and it may be that the property you both pay a lot for is overrun and you both feel a little cluttered and claustrophobic. To help restore some spacial harmony to your lives as a couple, take a look at these useful storage tips for couples:

Declutter Before Moving In Together

If you can, declutter before you move in together to minimise the amount of stuff you have as a pair. This will help ensure everything that comes into your new home is wanted and used by both of you. Of course some things will be up for conversation but, at least it will be items you both actually want around.

Do Try And Allocate Space For Each Others Belongings

There are shared spaces in any home but if you can also have allocated spaces for your personal things that will help maintain harmony in the home. This avoids shared spaces becoming full of either person’s things and therefore avoids arguments.

Consider Cheap Self Storage

If you don’t have much room in your home or if one or both of you have a hobby that includes a lot of things then it could make sense to use cheap self storage. This is one of the easiest storage tips to implement. Share the cost of what amounts to an offsite rented room, to dedicate that space to anything that takes up a ton of room in your home. The low cost of self storage will likely come in useful for plenty of things and might even mean you can both live in a cheaper place because you don’t need that extra storage.

Think Solutions Not Accusations

Arguments over ‘stuff’ and space can be heated and unnecessary. If you are having problems as a couple with stuff, try to consider solutions rather than simply reacting negatively. So instead of saying “your stuff is everywhere and I am sick of it” try “I noticed we don’t have anywhere for your XYZ and I was thinking maybe we should get a XYZ for it?”. A solution to a problem you have noticed should quickly diffuse the situation.

Get Involved In Minimalism

Together, watch the Minimalists Documentary on Netflix and the Marie Kondo series everyone has been talking about. The Tiny Homes series on Netflix that has just come out will also offer plenty of inspiration for you both. After watching how people can live such minimal, clutter free lives you will both want to instantly downsize your stuff and it could be a fun project you share.