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Whatever your involvement in the self-storage industry, I’m sure you will agree that the easiest way to improve performance at a specific property is to improve the effectiveness of the sales programs in place. While volumes have been written on the topic of training employees, there are some simple steps you can follow to develop a sound training program geared to improving sales.

To set the right tone for proper training by the self storage manager, you need to convince your employees of the benefits of the new procedure or new product. Take the time to explain why you are implementing the change and listen to all involved.

The Professional Self Storage Manangement Services introduction to training should be backed with money, motivation and time. Budget for sales training by planning to spend a set amount each quarter for training programs for your staff (possibly yourself too). How much you spend should be determined by your current sales level, your improvement goals and your investment objectives for the property.

Training is available from many sources. The very best training is face-to-face instruction. If you have employees in your Professional Self Storage Manangement Services team who are exceptional in one area of sales, assign them to assist or conduct the training in that area. You can also purchase books, audio tapes and video tapes on a wide variety of training topics. You and your managers can also attend industry seminars.

Training topics can be broad or narrow, but training activities that involve lots of practice are most effective. Professional Self Storage Manangement Services should practice telephone techniques by role playing with the instructors and other managers. This is also the best way to improve lease-presentation skills, adding ancillary products, and showing units. Depending on the skill level of your employees, the amount of training needed in each area of their jobs will vary. Fully competent managers are often capable of fine tuning their phone skills with a monthly telephone shopping report and a tape of the phone call. Other managers may require more individualised time outside of your formal training sessions.

Professional Self Storage Management Services

In trying to improve sales skills, start small, with some basic skills, and add one skill at a time. This permits you to build the employee’s confidence with a series of repeated small successes. You will find that the more attention you pay to improving sales skills, the time required to master each new skill will decrease substantially. Do not be discouraged by small setbacks. Learning new skills is a lot like a roller coaster. Think back to your early years in school and recall how some subjects came very easily to you, while others were much more difficult to master. Good luck.


In the storage industry, the biggest competitor is the dumpster or the dump. When a customer makes the decision to store his belongings with you, the items themselves are often not worth what he pays to put them in storage. That being said, how do you teach and motivate employees to use the right customer-service methods? And what services can they provide to entice tenants to stay? Most of the services facilities offer cater to new tenants, such as the sale of moving supplies and truck rental. Once the customer has moved in, employees have limited contact with him. It becomes necessary to go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.

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