We have several sizes of units these shown below can be rented in multiples and can be transported on a door to door basis taking the backache out of your move.

All collections are with a two man team and can save a great deal of time for a customer with a busy schedule.

This is our 12sqft unit that is the smallest size probably a broom cupboard size in lay terms.

This our 35sqft unit which can be brought to your door via our dedicated vehicles.


Maximizing Your Move in Cambridge, UK: The Advantages of Choosing Storing.com

Introduction Moving can be one of life’s most challenging experiences, especially in a historic and bustling city like Cambridge, UK. Whether you’re a student transitioning to university life, a professional relocating for work, or a family setting up a new home, the logistics of moving and storage can be overwhelming. This is where Storing.com comes into play, offering streamlined and stress-free solutions for all your moving needs in Cambridge.

Understanding Storing.com’s Comprehensive Services Storing.com stands out in the Cambridge moving market with its wide array of services designed to make your move as smooth as possible. From secure storage units of various sizes to professional moving services, they provide an all-encompassing solution. This level of service is particularly beneficial in a city like Cambridge, known for its narrow streets and unique housing layouts, which can present challenges for moving and storage.

Tailored Solutions for Every Cambridge Move Every move is unique, and Storing.com understands this better than anyone. They offer tailored services to suit every situation – whether you’re a student moving into university halls with just a few boxes, a professional temporarily relocating, or a family moving a whole house. Storing.com’s flexibility in storage unit size and rental duration is a huge advantage, ensuring you only pay for the space and time you need.

Securing Your Belongings: Storing.com’s Safety Features When it comes to moving and storing your belongings, security is paramount. Storing.com offers peace of mind with state-of-the-art security features, including 24/7 surveillance, secure locks, and controlled access. They also provide comprehensive insurance options, ensuring that your items are protected throughout the moving and storage process.

Effortless Packing and Moving: Tips and Tricks Packing can be a daunting task, but with Storing.com’s expert guidance, it doesn’t have to be. They provide invaluable tips on how to pack efficiently and safely, ensuring that your belongings are well-protected during transit and storage. Their advice on labeling, itemizing, and organizing your belongings can turn a chaotic move into a well-orchestrated process.

Understanding Costs: Transparent Pricing with Storing.com Cost is a crucial factor in any move, and Storing.com prides itself on transparent, competitive pricing. With no hidden fees and clear cost breakdowns, customers can budget effectively for their move. Their pricing structure caters to a range of budgets and needs, making Storing.com an affordable choice for moving and storage in Cambridge.

Conclusion In conclusion, Storing.com offers an unrivaled solution for anyone moving to or from Cambridge, UK. Their comprehensive services, tailored solutions, and commitment to security and transparency make them a top choice in the moving and storage industry. Choosing Storing.com means opting for a hassle-free, secure, and efficient moving experience.