Cambridge Self Storage

Lowest Price Guarantee

We offer a lowest price guarantee at our affordable self storage facility because we are confident you won’t find a better price anywhere else. Our rates are also fixed for 5 years so there will be no unexpected price hikes. There is unlimited free access to your self storage unit with a secure swipe card.

Prices fixed for 5 years

But why not take advantage of our collection and delivery service and save yourself the hassle and cost of moving your possessions. Collection is even free from anywhere in Cambridgeshire if you rent one of our smaller, inexpensive storage units for 6 months or more.

Collection and delivery service

And we never compromise on security at Cambridge Self Storage with state-of-the-art security systems including: Red Care alarms, electrified fences and CCTV; Swipe card access, personal photo-identity entry and on-site security personnel.

State-of-the-art security

As a well-established family business we care about our customers and ensure you always receive exceptional customer service from our team.


Cambridge - A Brief Overview

Cambridge is located about 50 miles from London. Its university was founded in the eleventh century by disaffected academics from Oxford University. The oldest building from that time is in St John’s College but the oldest surviving college is Peterhouse. Cambridge and Oxford are similar distances from London: Oxford lies to the west and Cambridge to the north. The distance was sufficiently great that the ruling monarch could not travel from London to either town in mediaeval times in one day. This was an advantage for academics if the monarch acted on impulse and thought a few executions would boost morale!

"Cambridge is a compact city so it’s possible to walk or cycle between most central facilities."

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Self Storage – There can be many reasons private individuals and businesses need to store goods away to be used at a later time. For instance when moving house your household goods may need to be stored temporarily if the moving-in date for your new property doesn’t coincide with the moving-out date of your old property. Or you may intend to complete renovations or refurbishment before moving in to your new home. For small businesses self storage units can serve as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to a warehouse lease that won’t tie you in for a longer period.


Cambridge – Its narrow streets and historic colleges are famed across the world, as are its legions of cycling students, and there can be few people who have not seen pictures of punts gliding down the willow-lined River Cam. Cambridge is an historic university city with a vibrant social life, extensive leisure venues and excellent shopping facilities. It combines a university atmosphere with the buzz of a lively city. It is popular with students, families and professionals alike with an estimated population of almost 130,000, of which 20% are students. By UK standards this is a very small city – coming in 54th place by population out of 69 UK cities. Cambridge is also a renowned high-tech centre for the bioscience and software industries.


Cambridge University – The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence. Unlike most British universities they have a collegiate structure and students benefit from more personalised teaching methods and a wealth of resources and facilities. The university provides world-renowned teaching and research in both arts and science subjects.


Cambridge Homes for Sale – The housing stock in central Cambridge consists predominantly of Victorian-era homes of all sizes, from large detached houses to small terraced houses. There are also some medieval and Georgian properties but in far fewer numbers and these are rarely available for sale on the open market. In addition, some large Arts and Crafts houses can be found in the Storey’s Way conservation area. Other popular areas include the conservation area around Barrow Road and the substantial 30’s houses in the Trumpington Road area.

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