You may not agree with doomsday prepping philosophy, but there are some tips we can take to help with better organisation and storage.

Doomsday preppers are people who spend their lives preparing for a situation where they need to be ready to survive. That could be something like a global war, breakdown in society, illness, or of course, a zombie apocalypse. Many of us don’t want to spend our lives worrying about the worst happening. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to learn from this disciplined part of society. There’s actually a few things we could all learn from doomsday preppers, especially when it comes to storage and organisation.

Here are 10 great tips we can take from those who prepare for the apocalypse:

Use Things In Order, Don’t Waste Anything

One of the biggest reasons we all waste things, is we keep buying and buying without ever rotating ‘stock’. Old tins in the back of your cupboard, old cleaning products, out of date cosmetics – by consuming constantly we can end up wasting so much. This too, amounts to clutter and a bad use of space. Regularly rotate your things to make sure you use up items before they go out of date. If it helps, write a list of things to use up first.

Be Thrifty

Doomsday preppers are thrifty because they need to be self reliant. Reduce, reuse and recycle your way to a minimalist home, and a healthier bank balance.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Living Space To Be Prepared

Doomsday preppers can seem extreme, but you will see that their living space is never cluttered with all the things they need to survive. Instead it is meticulously stored away, tidily.

Being practical and having practical things should not mean sacrificing your living space. That attitude can apply to anything you have in your home that you need.

Utilise External Space

Lots of doomsday preppers have bunkers and buildings separate from their homes. A sanctuary they have to go to if the worst happens. You don’t need a bunker, but maybe you could use cheap self storage. A separate space to lock away important things, items you don’t need right now, hobby items and more. Cheap self storage is a really great thing to have if you have any need for more space, and you can’t create that space at home.

Keep A Log

It is a great idea to keep a log of everything you have in storage, whether that is in the garage or cheap self storage. This is one of those organisation tips that helps you find what you need quickly, to save time.

Be Prepared

Maybe you don’t have enough food and water for six months. Maybe instead, you have enough for a couple of weeks, plus matches in case the power goes out, and a first aid kit. Being prepared is never a bad idea. An emergency box is definitely a better use of cupboard space compared to old clothes you never wear.

Drop The Dead Weight

Doomsday preppers focus on refining what they need, to a complete degree of preparedness. For the rest of us, this means decluttering. Getting rid of items that stop you enjoying your space as much as you should be able to.

You don’t have to spend all your time thinking about the end of the world, but following these organisation tips and being more prepared is always a good idea.