Self Storage Industry

Self Storage Management Services

Because of the nature of self storage, executives can get isolated from their business. They become cut off from what is really happening on the front lines and not sure of how customers are really being treated.

Self Storage Association

The Self Storage Association of UK and Europe is managed by a committee of unpaid directors who are all actively involved in the industry and represent the interests not only of the large multi-site operators but also the smaller single site operator just starting out.

Self Storage Facilities

Any reputable warehouse operator will insist you have some insurance coverage for your goods while they are in storage. Most but not all warehouse operators will offer liability insurance and it is generally included in the rental charge.

Self Storage Loan

The three E’s: experience, expertise and education can almost always be substituted with financial strength. The lender will often look to the three C’s: credit history, character and cash, to supplement a weak experience factor.

Self Storage Business

It is the provision of Do-it-yourself storage space for business and domestic customers. All units are clean and dry and of various sizes. You are the only person with a key to your unit.

Self Storage Management

By properly training and motivating your employees to succeed, not only will you retain managers for a longer time, you will see happier customers who also extend their stays.