Cheap self storage is incredibly popular these days, which is why so many companies offer affordable, efficient self storage facilities for both businesses archiving documents and personal use. It is a quick and easy way to securely store items. You simply find a storage facility you like, agree to a contract and have complete access to your storage unit. You can fill it however you want to, add items and take items away and even spend time in the unit if you want to (lots of people run small businesses from storage units!). Cheap self storage offers an affordable, efficient option for lots of different scenarios.

How people use their storage units

● Moving business premises and need to store office furniture

● They are moving house

● Downsizing

● Storing seasonal items

● They are decorating

● Somewhere to store hobby items or items they don’t want to let go of

● They need additional business space

Units can be really small, and about the size of a storage locker, to the size of a large hall. The reasons these different sizes are offered is because storage facilities understand customers only want to pay for the space they need, and some people don’t need much to store their items safely.

How Does Cheap Self Storage Work?

This does vary depending on the storage unit company, but most work in similar ways. You will sign a contract in order to get the keys to the unit, and you will then have unlimited access to the unit. You may pay a daily, weekly or monthly rate depending on the type of contract you have chosen. Units may be secured via padlocks, standard locks or keypads depending on how modern the facility is.

Do Self Storage Facilities Offer Any Other Types Of Services?

Most will offer additional services such as removals services, packing facilities, document management and archiving, and deep storage. It all depends on the facility. If you’re wanting or needing specific additional services, don’t be afraid to ask the facility, if they don’t offer the services you need they might know another company who does.

What Am I Allowed To Store?

Every facility will have its own policies and restrictions. You can store most things but check the restrictions thoroughly before you rent the unit to check everything you want to store is allowed.

How Do I Get A Cheap Self Storage Unit?

The first thing you need to do is research. Get lots of quotes, recommendations and information on the different companies offering storage and how they work. You can usually get a free quote on self-storage space from most facilities. Once you have seen a storage facility you like, pay the place a visit. It may be that you need to make an appointment to get someone to show you round. Remember to ask about access, security, limitations, restrictions and anything else you want to know.

Self storage is a really convenient service that helps people be more flexible with the amount of space they have and the amount they need. Think you need extra space? Look into self storage today, it could be exactly what you need.