Self Storage Facilities

Outside Storage Units


The number one concern of the storage facility should be the security of your goods while in storage. You can decide upfront based on the value of the goods what security arrangements you feel comfortable with and you can choose to only visit the self storage facilities that meet your needs. In fact many people choose a facility based on the value of their goods and the level of security offered by the storage facility.

Different facilities offer different levels of security so check out the security arrangements when visiting the facility initially. The levels of security differ greatly depending on the facility so decide upfront what the minimum security arrangements you would be comfortable with are. Do you feel that 24 hour on site security is a must or is an alarm sufficient to meet your needs?


Nearly all storage companies will have restrictions on what they will allow you to store on their premises. These restrictions are to protect both the storage company and the items being stored. Storage companies will vary in what they allow so just because one storage company does not allow you to store expensive jewelry for example, this does not mean that you will not find a storage company that will allow you to store these items. When you visit or phone the storage company for the first time, ask them what items they do not allow. Generally they will have a published list that you can take home with you to review. The list of items a storage company will not allow you to store is very often similar to the list of items a moving company will not transport for you.