Find out how to ensure that your designer handbags are kept in a way that keeps them in pristine condition whilst they are in storage.


Handbags can be costly, and some are such an investment they are family heirlooms. Mostly, however much they cost, they are items that we treasure and want to keep in good condition.


If you have one treasured handbag to store, or many, you have to ensure that it is kept correctly, particularly when it is stored in long term affordable self storage. It’s one thing popping them in your wardrobe at home, but keeping them in long-term self storage is a whole other ball game, and it’s important to be careful about how you store them so that they remain in pristine condition.


To help you store your handbags well in your local London self storage, here are our top tips:


Choose The Right Self Storage Facility

It is incredibly important that you choose the right storage facility for your handbags. The lockers can be as small as a gym locker so even if you want to store just one valuable handbag, you can. The facility itself should be well-maintained, secure and affordable for your budget. Most good London self storage also has climate control, which is important for keeping your handbags in good condition. You should also look for flexible contracts, good customer service and additional helpful services, like a 24/7 reception.


Prepare The Handbags Well

Your handbag needs to be cleaned well, and as per manufacturer’s instructions. If you aren’t sure, speak to a professional. Otherwise, you can use a paper towel and a lint roller to remove debris from the interior. This should also help to clean the exterior of the leather if it is untreated. If it is treated, often a damp paper towel can be used. It should be totally empty, clean and dry after you have prepared it.



The bag will need to be wrapped to keep it in good condition. This includes putting clean acid-free paper, or bubble wrap inside so that it keeps the same shape. Any hard parts like zips should be covered in acid-free tissue paper, so that those parts do not push into the handbag and dent the material. Metal and even plastic with paint work can also imprint onto the material, so it’s important to cover those parts up as best you can.



A clean pillow case is a good cover for a handbag. Some people use hard plastic boxes, but this can be a problem because even the slightest bit of moisture trapped in the box can cause mould and irreparable damage.



When you store the handbags, there are lots of options to consider. Some people swear by hanging them, especially if they are light and have a long strap. For larger handbags, a shelf is really useful, where each handbag can be stored separately and the weight is properly supported. You can put a simple shelf in your self storage unit to hold the bag and its protection, leaving you room to organise many more bags in future, in a way that keeps them in good condition.


Why not speak to your local self storage company today for more information about renting out a space to store your handbags? With our tips above, and their flexible, affordable, secure storage spaces, you can be sure that your favourite accessories remain in great shape until the time comes to get them out and enjoy them once again.