With the move over and the unpacking almost done, it’s time to meet your new neighbours. But this can be trickier than you think. Read on for more on how to meet the neighbours and become part of the community.

Moving house is stressful and takes a lot out of you, but it can be exciting too and a great opportunity to meet new people and become part of the community. But in a society where people are too engrossed in their own lives and less inclined to socialise with their neighbours, how do you go about getting to know your neighbours and the surrounding community? Well, there’s a few easy ways you can do this, but you also need a little courage and commitment too.

Make the first move

Everyone is aware that moving to a new home involves a lot of work and it takes time to unpack and settle in. Thus you may find your neighbours will give you a wide berth for the first week or so, to allow you time to find your feet, rather than knocking on your door to introduce themselves.

However, this is the perfect opportunity for you to put yourself out there and make the first move. You don’t have to meet everyone, but introducing yourself to your immediate neighbours by knocking on their door or popping your head over the fence to say “hello” will open the doors of communication. Even if it only stays at a polite greeting, at least you know you’ve made the first move.

Throw a party for new neighbours

If you’re feeling brave, a great way to get to know all your neighbours at once is to throw a party. Humans are naturally curious creatures and are also unlikely to turn down some free food and drink, so the chances are you’ll have a full house and the opportunity to meet everyone in one fell swoop.

Be approachable

In addition to making the first move, it’s also a good idea to make yourself more approachable. Ditch the frown and smile as you leave the house, as well as create opportunities to see your neighbours outside. By making yourself visible and approachable, you’ll naturally invite people to come up and say hello.

Get involved in the community

Many areas have thriving communities that are full of great activities and groups, from kids clubs to charity events. And what better way to get to know your neighbours and the community than by taking part. By showing you’re willing to get stuck in to local events can open doors to other like-minded people and give you more opportunities to meet your neighbours too.

Become a local

Another sure fired way to be accepted into a community when moving house is to act like a local. Head to places you know the locals go, whether it’s the pub at the end of the street or a cosy café, or the local park if you have moved to your new home with children, these kinds of places are ideal for striking up conversations and meeting the neighbours.