Read about 11 things lockdown has taught us all about where we live. Some things we want to keep, and some, will be the catalyst for change.

As we all come out of lockdown, lots of lessons have been learnt, none more so than about our homes, the place we have been stuck for weeks on end.

Here are 11 things lockdown has taught us about our homes:

1: The Community We Are In Is A Community

There are so many examples of neighbours coming together throughout lockdown. Our homes aren’t just in a place, they are in a community.

2: Outdoor Space Is Essential

Whether it is the view, the balcony, or the garden, the outdoor space is essential. No more neglecting that tiny bit of nature attached to the house.

3: Home Can Be So Much More Than A House

A place for games, growing plants, schooling, raising new pets, cooking, cleaning, working, dancing – it’s not just a place to ‘live’ it is so much more.

4: Our Home Is Not Everything

The home is not everything. It is important, but so many people are planning to put all their things in cheap self storage and go travelling as soon as they can, because if not now, when?

5: Needs Cleaning So Much More Than It Did Before

When you spend all your time in a house it requires so much more cleaning then when you are at work all day.

6: Remote Working Works

Many people who thought their jobs were not suitable for remote working have been working from home. Many people will be looking to make remote working a permanent part of their future.

7: Location Matters

There was always the freedom to travel to the coast or on holiday before. Once that is taken away, is your local area actually somewhere you love to live? For many, that is not the case.

8: Space Matters

Many people will be upsizing after having been crammed in too small a space for too long with lots of belongings taking up vital square footage.

9: People Make a Home

Suddenly without visits from grandma, or best friend Gill, the home isn’t as bright a place. But some of the brightest moments have come from the kids having a great time in a homemade den, or chalking the patio. It’s the people that make the home.

10: There’s More Nature Than You Realised

Whether you have been studying the ants with a macro lens, or watching the birds nest in your hedge, there is likely much more nature in your garden than you realised. We all appreciate nature more than we did before because of this pandemic.

11: Local Walks Exist

So many people have been used to driving out to local walking spots, they never realised what was in their own backyard. So many of us have explored locally and found beauty spots, forests, fields and viewpoints we didn’t know were nearby, because we have been forced to look.

Lockdown has forced us all to use our homes differently, and to reassess what our community, location, and home really means to us. If you are planning to redecorate or sell your home, consider cheap self storage to help speed up the process. Alternatively, it’s a great way to make more room in your home, so you can enjoy the square footage you have.

Hopefully another lockdown or pandemic won’t happen, but if it does, most of the country are going to make sure they’re in the right place when and if it does happen again and will know the things lockdown taught us about home, work and family the first time around.