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For those working in the self-storage industry, one of the simplest ways to increase profits at a specific facility is to improve the effectiveness of the sales staff and/or the online booking process. In any business it is essential that employees and properly trained and motivated to do a good job and there are some straightforward steps you can follow to implement a successful training program to help self storage staff secure more sales.

To encourage employees to be more motivated in their sales roles, you must convince your employees of the benefits of following tried and tested procedures.

Training for sales staff is available from many different providers either in face-to-face settings or via e-learning programs. Whilst face-to-face training can be extremely beneficial, e-learning has the advantage of employees being able to undertake training at a time and place that suits them.

Improving telephone techniques  is one of the best ways to equip staff with the skills they need to sell effectively. Depending on the existing skill level of sales staff, the type of training will obviously be different.

Self Storage Management

When attempting to improve the skills of sales staff, begin by developing and improving simple inter-personal skills. This helps to build the employees’ confidence so they are motivated to begin improving their sales skills. Learning new skills can be tough for those who have left formal education many years ago but once new skills are mastered they will not only build the skillset of staff but help them to help your business thrive and grow.

Remember that by training and motivating your staff to focus on good customer service right from the first point of contact you are helping them build a trusting relationship between your company and your customers.

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