Here are the basic techniques to home staging that will help you sell you home quicker and for a better price.

Job One

Stop thinking about the property as your home – you need to completely de-personalise it so a potential buyer can visualise it as their home. So remove most of the personal items that are on display – remember you are moving house to a new and exciting place so you will soon forget your old home. If you are not into decluttering and really can’t part with all your stuff then just put it in personal self-storage for the duration of the home moving process.


It is amazing the difference a good clean can make to a home – but I mean a really thorough clean not the usual wipe around with a duster and running over with the vacuum cleaner. We are talking deep clean here so get on your rubber gloves and prepare yourself for some hard work – it costs nothing apart from a few bottles of cleaning fluid and hard work will keep you fit.

    1. Get rid of black mould at all costs – bleach will do the job cheaply or you can buy a specific mould product which will also contain an inhibitor so that it prevents re-growth (worth considering if the property market is slow in your area as you don’t want to have to do this job more than once).


    1. Anything that can’t be cleaned so that it looks as good as new needs to be replaced – so check your roller blinds, shower curtain etc


    1. Scrub the floors if they are vinyl, wood or laminate (not too hard, of course)


    1. If your carpets are not up to scratch then have them professionally cleaned.


    1. Curtains can be dry cleaned – it’s not particularly cheap but it does a good job at making them look almost like new again.


  1. Clean the windows inside and out – if you have a conservatory that is a major job but it needs to be done.


Living Spaces

The aim is to make all rooms look as spacious as possible, but also like calm and relaxed places to be. Remember to:

    1. Neutralise anything that is overtly feminine – you might love your pink, frilly, flowery roman blind but most people will not.


    1. Add new lamps especially if people might be viewing on dark afternoons or in the evenings – they will add a soft, welcoming glow to a space.


  1. Buy new bed linen and make sure it is on the beds before every viewing (don’t use it yourself – that can wait until you move to your new home)

Kerb appeal

Before they even get inside your home potential buyers will have formed an opinion from the appearance of the outside so don’t neglect to tidy and clean there too. If it is practical to do so add some tubs of flowers or evergreen plants like bay or box. Clean and polish the front door and step.

That’s it a few basic steps to staging your home for a quick sale – Good Luck!