We are all desperately trying to make the most of the space we have as mortgage and rental prices creep up. Here we look at 5 storage solutions to make the most of the space you have.


As so many countries becomes more and more heavily populated, wages become more squeezed and property prices rise, space is becoming quite the luxury for all of us. Many of us are being forced to make the most of the space we have, in order to make every square foot give us a return on our mortgages and rental prices. New homes in many places are being built smaller than ever with 3-bedroom homes now occupying the same square-footage that a 2-bedroom house would have done 2 decades ago.

So how can we deal with this lack of space?

Clearing your home of all the accumulated junk is the first step to creating more space, putting rubbish in the bin, donating usable items to charity shops and storing any collectables or ‘future furniture’ into units at somewhere like Cambridge Self-Storage. However, there are also plenty of other storage solutions to utilise the space in your home.

Here are some great storage solutions for the home:


Use Wooden Crates & Pallets

Wooden crates are all over Pinterest, but not in their raw form. You can find wooden crate tables, wine racks, shoe racks and even wood stores – they have so many uses. Because they are so raw in their appearance, they actually look very cool as they are, but are also easily varnished or paintable because the wood is untreated.

Use The Space Under Your Stairs

The space under the stairs is often neglected, used as a place to chuck the hoover and various bits and bobs which never see the light of day. If you’re a Harry Potter fan you will know just how much potential the space under the stairs could have! Perhaps it might be a little tight as a bedroom, but it could easily make a little working area, mini library or even a larder if you wanted it to. It’s an extra bit of space that shouldn’t be neglected, so put the unused contents of it into self storage units and get creative!

Storage You Can’t See

It’s always easy to look around for storage solutions, forgetting the areas you can’t see. In some rooms, it may be appropriate for you to create a raised platform, which will in turn provide you with additional storage. Perhaps a raised platform for your dining area, or for your bed – the options are actually endless once you start looking. It’s a very simple amendment to be made, and one that can be applied to lots of areas. Perhaps you have beamed areas that could provide storage for large items in the garage like surf boards or canoes – surprisingly attractive and interesting decorations. Don’t just look in the places you can see for storage and you’ll find there are a lot more options than you previously realised.


Shelves have previously been thought of as rather dull, straight storage additions that often end up storing ornaments and other items that aren’t of use. Many shelving companies have now realised that many people don’t have rooms that are completely square and straight, and that many people want shelves in various different areas of the home where you wouldn’t expect a shelf. Bespoke shelving units could be really useful if you want curved shapes or contemporary units that look beautiful and serve a purpose. Perhaps you have a loft conversion that has an odd shaped corner, or you want a shelf that snakes up the wall in a chic and attractive way – the options out there are endless, and often a little look online for inspiration will leave you pretty astounded at what’s available.

Self Storage Units

If your home is absolutely full of items you know you want to keep, but simply aren’t useful at the moment, it could be worth extending your home to include self storage units. The sizes can vary from a large lockup to a small locker depending on the facility, so even if it’s just some boxes of paperwork you need to sort at a later date, there’s a place for it in cheap self storage units. Making more space in your home could just be as simple as giving it a clearout.