Find out how self storage can help you with vlogging and blogging including equipment storage, flexible space sizes, and the privacy to get the job done without any disturbances.

Vlogging and blogging are so common, almost everyone knows somebody who at least does it for a hobby, but maybe even to make money as well. It is a really great way to get information out there, to express yourself and to create a business if you have the right know-how.

Storing Blogging Equipment

As blogging is essentially just writing, you may think that the equipment is just a computer or a laptop, and most people don’t need space to store that kind of equipment. However, blogging may well include lots of other equipment or items that are required to make the blog what it is. For example, you might blog about adventures you have camping in which case your blogging equipment includes a tent, barbeque, bicycles, camera for taking pictures, and maybe even a camper van if that is how you choose to accommodate your sleeping needs.

It might be that you blog about fashion in which case you maybe have many more clothes than you can fit in your home, including clothes that are quickly in and out of your hands through sales or through borrowing for the purpose of the blog. So really, blogging equipment also includes the items you use to do the activities you blog about.

Self storage is really useful for blogging because it provides you with a space to store those items securely, with flexible space sizes and costs, and for the amount of time that suits you. It also provides a space for you to take photos for your blog if you need a makeshift studio that is private and secure.

Storing Vlogging Equipment

Self storage for vlogging takes a different form to blogging because there is much more of a need for privacy. Of course you need the space for whatever you vlog about like clothes or cooking equipment, sports equipment or art. But lots of vloggers really struggle finding space in their home to privately set up a vlog corner with a white background, lights and camera setup.

At a self storage unit you can set all that up and guarantee there will be little noise (unless the owners of your units nearby happen to be around!) so you can record a vlog easily in your unit and keep the equipment safe in between recording. It could be that you have a space to vlog but all the equipment you use like microphones, cameras and the like, are not secure in your accommodation. Maybe you share a house with flatmates you don’t know, or you live in an area where crime is high. Self storage units can be as little as a gym locker, so you can easily store whatever you need securely and get to it when you need without any worry it will be stolen or damaged when you leave it.

Self storage is set up to help modern hobbies like vlogging and blogging thrive. The space can be any size you want, it is competitively priced, it is secure and it doesn’t involve a hefty contract to tie you down. It could be exactly what you need to take your blogging or vlogging to the next level.