If you are moving house you will appreciate this easy guide with our top packing tips for packing plates and glasses for moving day.

When you are moving house there are certain items that require a little more time and effort than being stuffed in a box or recycling bag and thrown into the corner of your cheap self storage unit. Items like plates and glasses for example.

Plates and glasses can be easy to replace but they are very messy and dangerous when they do break. And who has time to deal with that after they’ve gone through the stress of moving? If you have expensive plates, perhaps wedding gifts, then packing them correctly is even more important.

Here’s how to pack plates and glasses for moving – our best packing tips just for you:

Buy Special Boxes

If you have the money you can buy packing boxes that have special sections inside to keep each plate on its side carefully and snuggly packed for transit.

If you can afford these special boxes this is one of the easiest ways that you can pack plates. There are also special boxes designed for packing glasses too.

Don’t Pack Your Plates Flat

Although it can be tempting to stack plates in the same way that you stack them in the cupboard this is actually a very bad idea. It means that they are more liable to break either against each other, or when moving around in transit. They should always be packed on their edges on the side – that’s one of the best packing tips around.

Always Pack Glasses Standing Up

Glasses should always be standing on the rim when packed. They should never be packed on their side as this makes them more vulnerable to breakage.

Use Strong Boxes

If you can’t afford special boxes for your glasses and plates the next best thing is a thick and sturdy box like a banana box which you can get for free from the local supermarket. If you were constructing a box from scratch, perhaps one that you purchased from your local cheap self storage unit, then do make sure that it is completely secure and connected before you start packing fragiles.

Pack Between Items

Plates and glasses should not be clicking and cracking against each other as this will leave them vulnerable to breakage. Instead they should have padding between them, even if that is just a newspaper. Whatever you have to hand such as old clothes and towels, screwed up paper, or plastic bags is all great when it comes to packing. These padding items will mean they will not get smashed against each other. They should also not have room to manoeuvre and move about too much inside the box either.

Tape It Up

Once the box is full and the items do not have room to move then you can secure the box properly. This means that you should be taping parcel tape along the seams and edges of the box or even just completely surrounding the box in tape if you can. This will add extra security and strength to the box and stop it from potentially changing in shape or breaking open in transit.

Label It

Label the life out of these boxes. Everybody should be able to tell that there are breakables inside. You should label each and every edge and make sure nobody is going to be stacking anything on top of the box,roughly handling it or dropping it. You only need tape, a pen and some paper to do this; you don’t need any special labels.

The packing tips above should help you keep your glasses and plates safe when they are being moved to your new home or into your cheap self storage unit. Remember that although these items are easily replaced ideally if you can get them to your new place in one piece that’s one less thing you have to worry about during this stressful time. Soon enough you’ll be using your safely transported glasses to cheers today’s brand new beginnings.