Thinking of retiring to the beautiful county of Cambridgeshire? Here’s everything you should know before making the move.

Cambridgeshire has around 850 thousand residents with an average age of 40. There are also pockets of younger people within the city studying at the famous Cambridge University. Beautiful villages in the surrounding areas have pockets of retirement communities and an older age average as people just like you seek a quieter later life.

If you’re thinking of moving to Cambridge to retire, there’s a lot to look into before making such a big move. To help you, here are some helpful topics and pieces of information you should know as you look into moving to this stunning part of the UK:

Why Cambridgeshire?

If you’re already thinking about moving to Cambridgeshire the chances are, you already know it has a lot to offer. However, it can never hurt to understand exactly why this area makes such a fantastic choice when it comes to retirement.

Largely, there’s no reason to underplay exactly how much there is to do in Cambridgeshire. It’s a county famous for the educational facilities within its city, but there’s so much more around to keep your days filled with all kinds of activities and fun. From exceptional museums and architecture, to wonderful eateries and pubs, phenomenal natural spaces, and excellent connections to the rest of the country.

London, especially, is a big draw when you live in Cambridge because it is only an hour and fifteen minutes’ drive away. A train ride is around the same, with the quickest train to London from Cambridge being just 47 minutes, with over 800 trains travelling to the capital every single week. That kind of connection to the capital of England is invaluable when you have plenty of time to while away enjoying your golden years.

NHS & Private Medical Care In Cambridgeshire

There are multiple NHS hospitals across the county of Cambridgeshire, as well as lots of GP surgeries, dentists and specialist centres. If you want to go private, the main private hospitals in Cambridgeshire are Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital and Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital. They offer a wide range of medical services at various price points that are available on enquiry.

When it comes to later life care in Cambridgeshire, there are good care options available because. The main hospitals (Addensbrookes and Peterborough City Hospital) have great ratings, along with the council itself being highly rated for making improvements to elderly care across the county.

Of course, it isn’t without its problems and it is important to understand those problems before you consider moving to the area to retire.

Retirement Villages In Cambridgeshire

There are multiple retirement villages in Cambridgeshire for retirees looking to reap the benefits of a community made specifically for their needs. Debden Grange, Linnett House, Willowbank and John Clarke Court are just a few of the many available. There are also multiple apartments, lodges and houses specifically designed for retirees.

Huntingdon Marketplace in Cambridgeshire

The Best Locations In Cambridgeshire For Retirement

If you don’t want a specific retirement property there are also some great locations to consider that make sense for later life movers. They all have a mixture of age-ranges and multicultural residents, but are also known to appeal to older generations:

Linton – Under 30 minutes from Cambridge and full of old and new properties, so plenty of choice to suit your individual tastes. Also has its own zoo, which the grandkids will love.

Ramsey – Pretty market town close to Great Fen, complete with two National Nature Reserves. Also has a light railway train lovers will appreciate.

Whittlesey – Near to Peterborough which is the main area for shopping and activities when you live in the town.

Ely – Beautiful location visited by tourists, complete with a train station and stunning cathedral – ‘Ship of the Fens’.

St Neots – Quiet and family-friendly with easy access to London.

Huntingdon – Attractive market town compete with a country park and various other outdoor spaces to enjoy.

Chatteris – A popular market town which is still ‘up-and-coming’ so houses are not as expensive as other comparable areas just yet.

Moving Services & Self Storage In Cambridge

If you decide to move to Cambridgeshire it is a good idea to use local moving services and storage services to make the move as easy as possible. Self storage in particular is so handy if you do a trial move, as you can keep your things in a secure place whilst you look for a more permanent residence in a location you know suits your needs.

Inexpensive self storage is also really handy if you choose to downsize, as it means you don’t have to get rid of larger hobby items, tools and even vehicles if you don’t want to. Instead, you can use a dry, secure unit to keep your things in great shape for use as and when you choose.

Accessible Things To Do In Cambridge

Whilst you’re likely in fantastic shape, as we age, we all struggle with familiar physical restrictions that perhaps weren’t there when we were younger. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to make the most of accessible days out, and to live somewhere where that kind of accessibility is on offer.

Luckily, Cambridge has plenty of accessible locations that ensure you can indulge in your favourite pastimes without having to worry about issues like Blue Badge parking, Guide Dog access, Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Hire and sight and hearing restrictions. You can find out about some accessible Cambridge days out in this handy article.

Your Retirement In Cambridgeshire Is Going To Be Wonderful

However, your move to Cambridgeshire looks, the fact remains that it is a phenomenal retirement location within the UK. Do your research, utilise local services and don’t be afraid of a trial move. Soon enough you’ll be making incredible later life memories in this stunning county.