Find out how to boost the functionality and look of your mudroom to make it work really well for your family.

A mudroom is a place where you take off your shoes, place your umbrella and hang your coat. It could be a porch in your home, or a small room between the back door and the kitchen.

Wherever your mudroom is, the chances are it is prone to getting messy really easily. The great news is that no matter how small the space, there are improvements you can make to boost the storage and functionality of the area.

To help you transform your mudroom into a workable, functional space, checkout these 7 creative ideas:

  1. Upcycle Useful Bits & Bobs

Declutter your mudroom space regularly of old coats, boots and other items that don’t serve the space. Whilst you’re placing these extras into your self storage unit in London (or local to you) have a fish around for items you could upcycle and place in your mudroom for its renovation. Useful items could be:

  • Any waterproof container to store wellies, boots and brollies
  • Small containers for keys
  • Hanging containers
  • Hooks
  • Soft baskets for scarves and gloves
  • Mats or bits of old carpet

It’s surprising what can be upcycled and reused when you think creatively.

  1. Make A Key Holder

A key holder that hangs on the wall is really handy for a mudroom. You could try making your own with a piece of wood and some hooks. You could even get creative and paint it a fun colour. For even more functionality, hang small baskets or pouches from the hooks to hold keys for different areas of the house, if they won’t all fit on the hooks alone. You could even hang a longer file holder which holds mail.

  1. Add Seating

Ever hopped around the mudroom trying to get a welly off? If you add seating to your mudroom you won’t have that same problem. It’s quite the godsend when you’re trying to take shoes or boots on and off with grace.

  1. Put Hooks Everywhere

Hooks are great because they don’t come out from the wall very far and yet they are always useful. High hooks for bags, coats, scarves and other adult items are great. Low hooks for school bags and coats are perfect for the kids too.

  1. Have A Handy Bag

A handy bag or basket to have in a mudroom is one with items that help you clean off when you come in. Baby wipes, kitchen roll, plastic bags and old towels are all very useful for some intermediary cleaning before you enter the house.

  1. Keep A Stand-In Tub

If you are into the outdoors a lot then you may come in from the outside extremely muddy and wet. When this happens, a stand in tub can be useful. It enables you to essentially strip everything off into a tub you can then take into the house, without soaking and ditching the mudroom.

  1. And If You Are Prone To Ditching The Mudroom…

Then you should consider wipe clean flooring and easy clean rugs. A mudroom is a bad location for a carpet, especially a nice one.

The 7 tips above are designed to help you improve your mudroom so that it works well for your family. With a few simple tweaks and changes, it could be so much more functional whilst also looking really beautiful too.