If you have a vinyl collection you want to keep in peak condition, you’ll want to take a look at these essential vinyl storage tips.

Although vinyl is having a bit of a resurgence in popularity, many people have been collecting these precious discs of joy for years. A good vinyl collection can be the most precious set of belongings a person has, so it makes sense to store them well.

To help you keep your records in the very best condition, here are our essential tips for placing your record collection in a personal self-storage unit :

Be Delicate When You Handle It

When you get your record out you should only ever handle it at its edges. When you place it in the record player you should ensure the needle drops with ease and wait for the record to stop spinning before you take it out. Most importantly, once you are done with it, return it back to its original sleeve.

Consider Climate-Control for Vinyl Storage

When storing your records at home you should try and keep them in an environment that is of a similar climate. If it is too hot or too cold, the vinyls can become damaged as a result. If you can’t provide a climate-controlled environment at home, you could consider cheap self storage. Cheap self storage often comes with climate-control which helps keep your records in great shape.

Clean Your Vinyl Before Storage

Before you store your records long-term you should clean the outer jacket and the vinyl. This removes debris, oils and dirt that could damage your records over time.

Repair Or Replace Jackets

Any vinyl jackets that are damaged should be repaired or replaced as they help protect your record as you store it. Vinyl should never be stored outside of a jacket as it leaves them prone to damage.

Ensure There Aren’t Any Items In Your Unit That Could Damage Your Records

If you store your vinyls in self storage in London, or local to you, then it is important to make sure you do not stack anything on top of them unless the box they are in is solid. It is also important to ensure there aren’t any odorous, toxic or damp items in the unit. They could cause your records to warp, crack or go mouldy.

Keep Them Safe From Pests

Try to ensure your records are stored in containers that keep them protected from pests. Cardboard covers in a box can be an attractive prospect for a pest because they can chew right through. They can even gnaw directly on the records.

Focus On Security

It is important to keep security in mind when you store vinyls which have a lot of value. Try to keep them out of visibility if thieves if you can, and inside spaces which have locks and other security measures. If you want to give your vinyl extra protection, consider cheap self storage where lighting, locks, reception areas, security guards and additional measures are all part of the price you pay to store your things safely.

The tips above can help you store your treasured vinyl collection safely. With the right care and attention, your records will maintain both their financial and sentimental value for many years to come.