Store business documents in an office? It’s expensive and inefficient. Find out why off site document storage is the best choice for your business.

Although a paperless future is still highly desirable and achievable, it isn’t reality in the present for a lot of companies. Many companies have not converted paperwork to digitised records yet, and don’t plan to with paperwork that can be legally destroyed within the next few years. In some instances, certain legislation requires physical records are kept for many years, or even forever, because allowances for digitised systems hasn’t spread everywhere.

Boxes, cabinets and other storage items used to hold paperwork takes up so much space, space which could otherwise be used for business purposes. Office space is expensive, and there are much better uses of the space than paperwork storage.

This is why document storage in a self storage facility is an excellent option for businesses. Cheap self storage facilities offer unit sizes to suit your needs, which can be organised to create an effective document storage system away from the office.

Almost all businesses can benefit from this kind of storage, but particularly businesses where office space or business space is at a premium. Small businesses with tight capital can benefit from paper storage which can be adapted to suit their growing needs.

Secure & Dry

If you are going to store your paperwork somewhere off site, it has to be secure. If any paperwork is stolen, it will put your business on the line in many different ways. It just cannot happen and you cannot risk it. So, you should feel assured that a good self storage facility near London, or closer to your business, will be designed to keep your paperwork safe. In fact it is likely safer than it would be at your office.

Your office might have CCTV and maybe a night security guard, but a cheap self storage unit will have lighting, 24/7 reception, various lock entry points, gates and other systems to protect the contents of the units. Aside from the security, you can be assured that the units are dry and safe from flooding, which again is something that your paperwork could be more at risk of in an office.

Flexible & Affordable

Paying for a self storage unit won’t break the business bank because prices are competitive, often very affordable, and designed to be attractive to both domestic and business users. They are also on flexible contracts, so you won’t be tied in should you need to downsize or stop using the unit altogether. Some even provide digital document archiving facilities and units can be as big as a football pitch and as small as a gym locker. So whatever you need to use to store your paperwork, you will be able to get it with self storage.

If you plan to store business documents in an office this can be extremely inefficient, expensive and it doesn’t always keep the paperwork as safe as it needs to be. Cheap self storage is a really good option for businesses who want to take their paper storage off site for an affordable price, flexible contracts and optimum paperwork protection and security. Just make sure you research your self storage unit thoroughly before committing to a contract, so you can feel assured it is the best unit for your needs.