Find out how to prepare your camping gear for new adventures as lockdown is lifted.

As lockdown lifts many families just like yours are avoiding travel abroad this year. Instead, many are choosing to stay in the UK and holiday in some of the stunning areas on offer.

With that in mind, and with money potentially being tight for many, camping is going to be very popular this year. It’s a cheap and effective way to spend time relaxing outdoors, without paying for permanent accommodation and facilities.

You have to get your camping gear out first though, which takes a little time and effort. Here’s how to get your camping gear out of cheap self storage, ready for your next big adventure:

Collect Your Items Safely

If you do hold your camping gear out of season in a cheap self storage facility, the first step is collecting it safely. Ensure the facility is using all the precautionary measures possible to keep you safe. If in doubt, ask. You shouldn’t have to take any risks to get your belongings out of storage.

Quarantine Your Things

If it makes you feel safer, quarantine your things away from the main part of your house for a few days. Lots of people have been doing this with post and other things coming into the home, and if it makes you feel better, there’s no harm in doing it.

Get That Tent Set Up

Now you have full access to your camping gear, you need to get that tent setup and aired out. This has to be done when it is sunny to keep it dry. During this time you can assess if you need more tend pegs, need to clean any mould, or repair any problems. You should also spray waterproof spray during the time the tent is setup in your garden.

Check What Is Working, And What Needs Replacing

Go through everything in your camping setup to check what is working and what needs replacing. You may have put your things away in a hurry last holiday, and there may be items that no longer work. Check everything works well, and make a note of anything you need to replace.


Camping does involve a lot of stuff, that is just the price you pay for a cheaper holiday. However, you don’t always need every item in your camping setup. Maybe you never used those fairy lights last year? Perhaps there are many games the kids have simply grown out of now. Declutter your setup to slim down what you have to pack.


Clean everything in your camping setup so that it is fresh and ready for use when you go on holiday. Do ensure it is dry when it is put away though, to avoid bacteria, rust and mould developing.


One of the worst things that can happen when you go camping is having to sort through an unorganised setup when you get to your destination. Give future you a helping hand and organise everything now. Use boxes, bags and labels so that everything is clearly marked and stored. You’ll be so pleased about this when you start setting up at your destination.

Lockdown is easing and time away from it all is just what we all need. By preparing your camping gear well, you’ve nothing to worry about when you get setup but enjoying your next big adventure as a family.