If you are retiring to Cambridgeshire, here are some tips to help make your life a little bit easier, helping you make new plans and memories.

Retiring is an exciting time, but it is also a time of great change. There’s an initial adjustment period of course, but then the pressure is on to start doing everything you planned to do when you didn’t need to work anymore. Travelling, starting a new hobby, having family over to stay more – the possibilities are endless.

When you’re in a hurry to start making memories, logistical issues can creep in. Is a smaller home the best option? Where would you put those family heirlooms a new smaller home has no room for? How to store the spare room contents whilst you refurbish it for the grandkids.

Downsizing For A New Start

Many couples choose to downsize for their retirement to unlock equity in their house, and to live in a property that is easier to manage. Downsizing may also come naturally with moving to a retirement community. If you’re retiring to Cambridgeshire and downsizing, you don’t have to get rid of everything you love. Why not move some items into storage until you decide whether to keep them or not, or for safe-keeping of items you want to keep for the children and grandchildren. That way everything is kept safe, but it isn’t cluttering your new, more compact home.

Decluttering For Easier Maintenance

Although nobody wants to think about the effects of ageing on the body, they happen, and they mean the house we once loved to take care of can become a struggle to maintain.

Decluttering makes more space in your new home, making it easier to keep clean and tidy and making it safer to move about with less furniture and belongings filling the place.

Starting A New Hobby

Many people who retire start a new hobby, but new hobbies take up space. Self storage can provide you with a place to store items from your home, so you have a place to enjoy your hobby instead – if your eally can’t bear decluttering. You can store all sorts from; camping gear, fishing gear and even a vintage car in some facilities. Don’t less space hinder you from starting a new hobby.

Making Room For The Grandkids

Making room for the grandkids is often a priority, but especially when you retire and you might be having them over more than before. Suddenly the sofa bed isn’t enough, and you want to dedicate a whole room to their needs. Clearing a room into self storage is a quick and easy way to make room for this new project. In your own time you can sell or gift the contents on, or upcycle them for use in this new room for your grandchildren.

Creating More Security

As we age, we can feel less secure in ourselves and our homes, even with the best security systems. Weather damage and environmental damage can also be a cause for concern.

You might feel that some valuable items you own are so precious, they are better off stored somewhere with extra security measures. CCTV, fencing, lock points, 24/7 reception and lighting are just some of the security you can expect at Cambridge Self Storage. As units start as tiny as a gym locker, there’s always a place for your most precious items, even if they are compact. It’s a peace of mind many people appreciate in later life.

Self storage is useful for domestic and business users of all ages, but especially retirees who may regularly be making new plans, changes and adjustments.

If you are retiring to Cambridgeshire and entering this new stage of life, why not consider self storage? It could help you start putting plans into place sooner rather than later, so you can start to have the kind of retirement you always planned for.