Find out some helpful tips to help you keep your house clean and tidy for a better environment during mental health challenges.


If you struggle with mental health, keeping a clean home can be challenging. One in four people experience a mental health problem of some kind each year. Various aspects of various mental health conditions make keeping a house clean and tidy very challenging.


The good thing is that there are many ways that keeping a house clean is possible, even if you are struggling with mental health.


It Goes Without Saying…


Before we move onto our handy tips, it goes without saying that if you are suffering with a mental health problem, the first priority should be yourself. A messy house can be impactful when you are already struggling, so it does need addressing as not to add to your problems. However, the first priority is getting some help and reaching out. There are always talking therapies, medicines and more to help you manage your mental health condition. Don’t be ashamed of speaking up and letting somebody know you’re struggling, because there will always be support available.


Now – Onto The Tips!


To help you get your house in a little bit better shape as you work on boosting your mental health, checkout these tips:


Have Less Stuff In Your House

Decluttering can be very emotional and draining. If you’re not up to it, consider utilising an inexpensive self storage unit to store clutter and seasonal items. It’s like an instant facelift for your house, making more space and getting rid of stressful item buildups without having to deal with them just yet.

See It As Self Care

Cleaning is self care just like brushing your hair, or your teeth. Although doing any self care is so hard when your mental health isn’t very good, if you see cleaning in the same way as getting dressed or having some ‘me time’ you might be more likely to do it rather than seeing it as a chore.

A clean house is safer, more pleasant to spend time in and it will actively help reduce your stress levels. So, it’s a worthy task to do if you can manage it.

Don’t Think You Have To Do It All

You don’t have to clean your whole house to make a positive difference. Washing a few cups, vacuuming one room, or changing the bin over are all helpful tasks. It is OK not to clean much at all if you can’t. Knowing you do not have to do it all can be encouraging enough to take the pressure off and make a little tidy much more achievable.

Get Some Help

One of the best things that you can do when you are struggling with your mental health is to reach out for help. Help with the condition, but also help from your loved ones who care about you. Whether it is your Mum coming round to do a bit of cleaning for you, or a friend coming to clean with you, people will want to help you during these challenging times. Help can also come in the form of professional cleaners. If you have the budget, a clean once a week can make all the difference and might just be the boost you need to keep things in better shape, if you’re able.


Hopefully, with our tips above you will be able to manage your home just a little more whilst you focus on your mental health and feeling well again. Cleaning is not, and should not be the priority during a mental health dip, but using affordable self storage and other useful services and approaches can be helpful in providing a more healthful and nurturing environment in which you can start to feel better again.