We all know that moving house is a big deal and can be daunting prospect, which isn’t surprising when you think of all the emotions and logistics involved and that’s before you even start to think about packing up an entire household! However, we have a put together a quick start guide so when you’re moving house you can keep the stress levels down and the excitement levels up for your new adventure ahead.

Write a List

The key to any successful and stress free house move is to be as organised as possible. Having a clear idea of everything you need to do is vital to making sure you’re not stressed out before, during and after the move. So start by writing a list of all the things you need to do, categorising them into pre-moving, moving and post-moving. Be sure to include the basics like packing, notifying change of address to banks and utility providers, as well as removal transportation and final meter readings.

Get Your Documents in Order

With any house move you will need to have a decent amount of paperwork to hand, which can include agreements of sale or rental agreements, utility bills, passports and such. To make sure you have everything you need before you move house, get your documents in order and store them in one place, like a ring bind folder and be sure that all your paperwork is in an easy to access place, like your overnight bag.

Arrange Transportation

Before you start packing up, it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to get all your belongings from A to B. With any house move, there’s always more items than you think and moving home alone can up the stress levels considerably, which is why getting in the professionals will help. They have the experience and manpower to make moving home so much simpler, but be sure to shop around for a reputable company and book as much in advance as you can to avoid disappointment.

Packing Up

When it comes to packing, always over estimate how long it will take and how much stuff you have. Taking a systematic approach, by starting at the top of the house and numbering boxes and keeping an itinerary of what’s in each box keep things more organised and can save on a lot of stress with unpacking. Pack a few ‘move day’ boxes with kettle, tea, coffee, cups and overnight things for you all, so you don’t have to  start unpacking every box right away to find bed sheets and pyjamas. Also allow time to declutter your home before moving, getting rid of old toys, clothes and furniture that you don’t use.

Moving Day

On the day you come to move house, you should have everything under control with an organised packing system, removal transportation, final meter readings taken, so you can simply head to your new home and begin unpacking, when you feel ready.