These days, everything is so much more expensive, and it doesn’t look like prices are going down, either. Moving house, of course, has always cost a lot, but now, with the cost of fuel, labour, even take-aways whilst your kitchen is out of use – it’s all so much more. Luckily there are still plenty of things you can do to make sure that your moving day can still be done on a budget, including the following tips:

Do Everything Ahead Of Time

The earlier you do everything relating to a move, the better. Book time off work, ask friends to keep your moving day aside to help, packing, looking for free packing materials – the sooner you get it all done, the less likely you are to pay extra for services and last minute booking. This is especially true with services like removals, which book up really quickly.

Do Everything Out Of Season

The more out of season you move, the cheaper things are. It is the same as going on holiday during the school holidays, or not – it’s cheaper to go out of season because everybody wants to go during peak time.

Stagger Your Move

Even if you can’t get into your new house yet you can stagger a move, enabling you to move a few items at a time and avoid a one-day moving service cost. This can be done using affordable self storage in London (or local to you), a secure and competitively priced neutral space you can use to store your things until such a time your new house is ready. This also works well if you need to renovate your new house, or do up your current house for sale.

Declutter & Sell

It is a great idea to declutter in advance and sell everything you no longer need or want so that you can avoid paying to have it moved to your new place, or to your affordable self storage unit in London. You can also make money selling off these items, giving you a bit of spare cash towards the move, or making memories in your new place.

Get As Much Free As You Can

Whether your friends lend you a van, you get free packing materials from a social site, or you call in your friends to help you lift and move boxes on moving day – favours and free stuff is much cheaper than having to pay for all these services and items.

Avoid Fines & Unexpected Costs

Money for parking that is not permitted, uninsured items being broken and other unexpected costs can add a lot onto the budget of moving house. By thinking ahead, getting permits, checking insurance details and small print, and packing well, you can avoid these costs and ensure things stay as cheap as possible during the move.


With our handy tips above you’re ready to move on a budget, avoiding the huge costs that can be involved in a lack of preparation and forward-thinking. Hopefully, before long, your bank balance won’t be too impacted and you’ll be happily making memories in your new place.