Find out how to change your weekday cleaning habits to avoid your regular weekend big clean.

We all need to do a big clean every now and again, but having to do it every weekend only takes away from the fun times we could be having with family or friends. To help you avoid having to do that big clean, or at least as much of one come the weekend, checkout these 7 workable tips:

Do The Dishes

The dishes that are cleaned on the drying rack or in the dishwasher, or that are dirty in the sink, take up a lot of space. Getting them cleaned, dry and put away every day stops this task mounting up.

Hoover Every Day

You may not be able to vacuum everywhere, everyday, but giving the main living areas a vacuum daily stops the debris building up.

Spot Clean

If something is spilled, clean it up there and then to stop it getting any worse. This avoids bigger cleanup jobs down the line and helps to stop them taking longer to deal with too.

Create More Storage

Whether you add more boxes for the toys, or make space for cupboards by utilising a cheap self storage unit, boosting storage helps keep things tidy day to day.

Declutter Daily

Clutter builds up really quickly but if you can deal with it more regularly, you will have less of an issue. Any stock that can be placed into your cheap self storage unit should be put in the garage ready to go. Junk mail should be put in the recycling bag, and Knick knacks should be put into the junk drawer. If everything is in its place, you will find your place is less cluttered by the weekend.

Do Mini Tasks Daily

A great example of a mini task is cleaning the toilet whilst the bath runs. It is a tiny task that, when done regularly adds up to a much cleaner home. Spot cleaning the sink whilst the kettle boils, sweeping the floor whilst the dog goes out for a wee, sorting the recycling whilst the potatoes boil. If you fill these few minutes with cleaning tasks, they will all add up.

Get The Family Involved

If you can get the family involved into great daily cleaning habits you will have more time at the weekends to enjoy together. If the kids can put their toys away and make their beds, and everyone pitches in with cleaning up the dinner table and doing the dishes, the overall buildup of dirt will be greatly decreased.

You Can Avoid That Weekend Big Clean

Of course we all have to do a big clean every now and again, and the weekend might always involve some extra chores that need doing. However, better tidying habits day to day do add up. If you follow our tips above, and spend just a few more minutes each day cleaning, you are likely to have a much smaller amount of cleaning to do at the weekend, leaving you much more time for fun!