Read about the DIY and organisation to prioritise before the colder weather sets in causing some tasks to be much harder to complete.

As winter sets in it is important to ensure the house and garden are in the best possible condition to deal with the challenges the seasonal change brings. As you’ll be spending more time in the house staying cosy, it also makes sense to get everything in check so you can make some memories inside as the blustery weather blows a gale outside.

To help you prepare your home for winter, here are some important DIY and organisation jobs to complete:

Seasonal Clothes Change

It’s a really good time to do your seasonal wardrobe switch. You’ll want to cull anything in your summer wardrobe that doesn’t cut it, wash and pack the items and get them into your cheap self storage unit. You can then retrieve your winter wardrobe from your cheap self storage unit and sort through the items, culling anything that you no longer want/ need, and cleaning everything else. Do check your storage unit is ready for winter whilst you’re there. It’s also a good time to rejig your wardrobe storage and fix any issues with the furniture itself whilst its empty.

Boiler Check

One of the worst things to happen during winter is a boiler breakdown when you really need that heating and hot water so it’s a good time to have your boiler serviced by a registered engineer. Do book in early as the services will start to be busier as the weather changes.

Garden Trim

You’ll want to prepare the garden for winter by giving most plants a really good trim. It’s also a good idea to store away unused pots and tools, garden furniture and garden accessories. Garden furniture in particular is a great candidate for your cheap self storage unit if you’re looking to clear space in the shed or garage.

Mould & Mildew Treatment

Nearly half of households in the UK suffer with mould and mildew issues.

If you have any mould and mildew it is a good time to get that treated. You’ll want to check there are no structural issues causing damp first. Once that aspect of the problem is cleared, you can then treat the mould and mildew with appropriate products.

Gutter Management

Cleaning the guttering is a good idea before they start working harder everyday as the rainy weather sets in. Clean out any plants and leaves, replace any broken guttering and check your roof whilst you are there in case there is any damage that needs repairing too.

Any Outdoor Repairs

Whether you want to paint your fences, replace any decking planks or fix garden path tiles, now is the time to do it. You’ll need to make the most of any extended dry patch before they are few and far between.

Drain Issues

If you are having any drain issues you should chase those up with the council or the water provider responsible. Drain problems can get so much worse in wet weather when the rain can cause flooding and other problems. Getting those issues fixed before any downpours is a high priority, particularly if your home is at risk of flooding by the drain.