Find out the 6 secrets about moving house that will transform the process, for a potentially stress-free experience.

When we move house the emphasis can often be on our new house, and our plans for it. What nobody tells you is that there are actually some really helpful secrets that can help the whole process run a lot more smoothly.

If you are moving house soon, it is your lucky day because we have the lowdown on 6 of the most helpful secrets nobody tells you when you move house:

Decluttering Means Moving Less

One of the things that savvy house movers always do before packing is to declutter. It means moving less so it makes perfect sense and yet, it is so easy to just move everything you own without thinking isn’t it? Throw away, give away, sell – those are your three bag or box labels. It really will be worth your while before you even think about packing a box.

Self Storage

Cheap self storage is the kind of clever service movers have up their sleeve, but they never think to mention it because it’s a given for them when they move. Once you have used it once during a house move, you will always use it again. Cheap self storage offers you a secure space to take things in and out without having to worry about access. This is a godsend when two homes you are moving between are being cleaned, renovated or are otherwise off limits at any one time because of how the moving process works.

DIY Moving Isn’t So Bad

Everybody knows using a moving company is the easiest way to move. What people fail to mention is that DIY moving isn’t actually so bad, especially if you have a lot of friends and family. Sure, the coordination part can be tricky but realistically, if you’re good at organisation and utilising your resources, it will come easy to you and you’ll save a ton of money.

Tea & Biscuits Always Come In Handy

Tea and biscuits are at the centre of the universe when you move house. You can call in a lot of favours with tea and biscuits, and no level of stress isn’t solved without a good cuppa and a bourbon. You might think that those you know have it all together, but you can be sure the heart of their power lies in that kettle.

It’s Stressful

It’s all smiles and excitement when you chat with friends about their house move. They want to talk about their new house and all the frills. What many people don’t talk about is how incredibly stressful it is to actually move house. It’s at times, enough to give you new wrinkles. The secret is to accept it will be stressful, and to give yourself a break because of that fact. This won’t be forever.

It Runs More Smoothly Without The Kids & Pets

Sure, everybody wants that cute image of everyone packed into the car laughing and smiling on the way to the new house. However, the fact remains that moving house with kids and pets is kind of a nightmare. Not their fault of course, it’s really stressful for everyone. However, keeping them safe and happy whilst moving all the other chess pieces on the board is a real challenge. If you can, have nanny and grandad care for the kids and dog on the day, or at least utilise kennels for the pets. They can arrive at a freshly prepared house and a chippy tea later on after you have coordinated everything else and taken five minutes to acclimatise. Phew.

The secrets above are important to know about because they can truly transform your moving process. The more informed you can be about this challenging life event, the more likely you are to get through it with minimal stress ready to start making memories at your new place.