If you are planning a house renovation this year, these tips will help you get your home ready for the major upheaval. 

A house renovation is exciting when you finally get around to planning it. This is especially true when it will transform an area of the home that you have longed to be different. 

Before your home becomes the beautiful space you’ve spent a long time planning, it is important to protect the space that isn’t being worked on. 

Dust, debris, workmen and general construction are all risks to your home during this time. 

To help you prepare for your house renovation, here are our top tips:

Think Practical First

Practicality is so important when it comes to planning for a house renovation if the rooms being worked on disrupt your life at home. If the only bathroom, kitchen or a walkthrough room are being worked on, you’ll need to think practically. Some families choose to stay with friends or family during the renovation, some setup temporary toileting outside with a portaloo, or a temporary kitchen in a suitable room. You’ll need to think about how you can work around the renovation in regards to your daily family life. 

Protecting Your Things

When lots of people are walking about your house, two major risks to your things are people and dirt. You may wish to move your ornaments and other things to a safe room, or completely out of the house into cheap self storage. You’ll also want to lay dust sheets and other flooring protection. 

Dust & Debris Gets Everywhere

If you are having a lot of brickwork and woodwork done, everything in your home is at risk of dust and debris. It can creep into the furthest reaches of the home if you’re not careful. You’ll want to keep the windows closed and place everything you can into a safe room where the space under the door is blocked with old sheets or clothing. Sofas and other furniture should be placed in your safe room or protected with airtight plastic sheeting. 

 If you do not have a suitable room to fit everything in you could use cheap self storage where you can be sure everything will be safe until after the renovation. 


We’re no strangers to UK weather and its habit of being so up and down, so it makes sense to be prepared for its potential impact on your renovation. Wet workmen and mud could be a real issue for your property if the rain is continual throughout your work. To help with this issue consider:

  • >> Heavy duty plastic sheeting and cardboard walkways through your home 
  • >> Cardboard and wood in muddy sections at the front and back of your property
  • >> Setting up a temporary gazebo in the garden so workers have a dry outdoor space
  • >> Placing more plastic sheeting on the furniture than you would have 


If there is snow on the forecast you may need to think even more about how to protect your home during your renovation. 

These four tips above should be a good start to protecting your home during a renovation. The best thing you can do is start planning early so when the time comes, your belongings and your home are as protected as they can be. Soon enough you’ll all be enjoying your beautifully renovated home free from workmen, dust, debris and damage because of your cautious pre-planning.