Find out why self storage makes sense and is a really handy service to use when you are bringing a new furry friend into your home.

Getting a new pet of any kind is extremely exciting, but especially when it is a cute little pooch. Dogs are truly best friends to us all, and so, getting a dog in the home is like expanding the family.

The thing is, although the home will never be the same again in some really great ways, it could also be changed in some ways you would rather avoid. Pets certainly make their mark, but there are some ways to stop them making certain undesirable marks on your favourite items and that is with self storage.

Here are 5 reasons self storage makes sense when you get a new dog:

More Space For Playing

Puppies love to play, as do older dogs, and the whole family will want to play with the new member. This means some extra space could be really handy whilst you’re enjoying your new arrival and they are settling in. Cheap self storage can help you quickly create space to enjoy your new friend straight away.

Space For Puppies New Things

A crate or dog bed, basket of toys, blankets and other accessories will take up extra space along with all the dog itself. You may even want to place it in a spare room overnight for a while. Cheap self storage enables you to quickly clear that space for the new pooch.

Saving Your Prized Breakables

Even the smallest of dogs can have the waftiest of tails, which unfortunately, are no friend to breakables. Whilst your dog is being trained it is a really good idea to get your breakables well out of the way. If you don’t have a garage or a secure space inside to keep them, self storage can help.

Soft Furnishings Are Safe

Soft furnishings like rugs and even sofas and chairs are at risk of chewing and toilet accidents. If you have expensive furniture or rugs and other soft furnishings then it makes sense to get them into self storage whilst the dog is being trained. It might seem a little like overkill, but, it can save a lot of money in the long run on expensive items like chairs.

Clearing The Garden

The dog will need the garden to play in and go to the toilet. If your garden is full of out-of-season large toys and furniture, self storage can help. Not only is it great for seasonal belongings from the garden, but it is a great idea for any seasonal belongings you find are constantly getting in the way for the majority of the year they aren’t being used.

Hopefully self storage can help you to maintain a more spacious and well-kept home whilst your new dog gets used to his new surroundings. With any luck he will settle in, and you’ll be left with the same home you started with, plus a family member to enjoy knowing for many years to come.