Find out what to do with your white goods to ensure they are properly prepared for being kept in self storage.

If you are storing your entire home contents because you are moving home, or because you are in the midst of a renovation, or for any other reason, the fact remains that some goods need more preparation for storage than others. White goods, for example, cannot just be unplugged and put inside a self storage unit. They need the correct preparation and packaging to ensure they stay in great condition in the unit.

If you are moving your white goods – such as any washing machines, fridges and dryers – into self storage, consider the following:

Completely Empty The Appliances

The appliances should be totally empty when you store them. That includes any debris whatsoever, which can quickly grow mould, stain or even rust your appliances if left alone for a long time.


Defrosting your fridge and freezer is so important. It stops it leaking any melted ice into your self storage unit, which can then stain the unit, cause bad smells or just sit in the device until you collect it. To get some detailed tips on how to defrost your fridge or freezer, checkout this detailed guide.


Appliances like washing machines need draining to reduce the chance of mould and mildew running amok in storage. Your washing machine instruction manual should give instructions on doing this properly.

Clean Thoroughly

You should clean all of your appliances as much as possible once they are defrosted. Fridges and freezers should be fully wiped down with unscented antibacterial spray. With washers and dryers, you should remove any compartments they have such as the laundry liquid drawer, and fully clean those.

Dry Everything Out

Once everything has been cleaned it should be fully dried out. You can do this by leaving the doors and drawers on the appliances open, with plenty of ventilation in the room they are stored in to help the drying process.

Protect Appliances If You Can

If there is any way to protect your appliances, perhaps with corner buffers or foam sheet padding this should be done before they are collected. You may also want to roll up the plug and wire and tape it to the side of the unit, along with the instructions and warranty in a plastic sleeve.

Transport Carefully

You should transport the items properly as to not bang them around too much. It may be you need a professional moving company to do the job, or you may want to hire a van. Through the process of moving the items they should be bumped as little as possible, and never laid on their side. This is particularly important with fridges which can suffer leaks if they are not kept upright.

Store Properly

Store white goods in a dry, clean, secure self storage unit keeping them upright, and protecting vulnerable parts, such as the back of the fridge, with sheeting, padding and other packing supplies. By storing your white goods well, you are more likely to have usable appliances in great condition when the time comes to take them home and use them again.

Still Unsure? Speak To Your Self Storage Facility

If you still feel unsure about how to prepare your white goods for storage, speak to your self storage facility. If they don’t have tips to help you, they can probably recommend a company that does, as well as a professional moving team who can do the job for you for a fee.