Thinking of visiting Cambridge? You’ll want to visit some of these amazing 13 tourist attractions!

Cambridge is a city in England well known for its esteemed, first class university. It also has amazing architecture, history, restaurants, shops and more. This makes it not only the perfect location for students, but for staycationers, and young professionals and families looking for a great place to call home. Whether you’re already lining up self storage in Cambridge ready for a trial move, or you’ve an upcoming staycation in this beautiful city, you’ll want to pay a visit to some of these 13 phenomenal tourist attractions in the area:

  1. Kings College & Kings College Chapel

Founded in the mid 1400’s, Kings College is stunning, with a huge amount of lawn that flows all the way to the famous Kings Bridge on the river. Whilst you are here you can enjoy some beautiful surrounding views. You also need to have a look at the King’s College chapel which has interesting decor and architecture, as well as an interesting history.

If you visit the college during term time, it is also worth looking to see if the college choir is performing whilst you are there. The talent is astounding and quite moving in person, making a memorable trip even more memorable.

  1. Queens College

Queens College was founded in 1465 and it has a breathtaking gateway, as well as many complete medieval buildings that represent the time period.

The wooden Mathematical Bridge forms part of the Queens College sites, and although it isn’t the original bridge, the 1902 rebuild is still a work of genius. It gets its name from its unique design which works on a format without nails, instead, working on a perfect formula that utilises its strength. On it you can look over the Cam, as well as taking it to visit the gardens and surrounding areas.

  1. Peterhouse College & Chapel

The college was founded in the 1280’s and is one of the oldest and littlest buildings out of all of Cambridge’s college buildings. It’s a truly interesting architectural building, with a rich history. The chapel is also great to look at with its beautiful German stained glass windows.

  1. Great St.Mary’s Church And The Round Church

The church is a university church but it is also a parish in its own right. It dates all the way back to the 15th century and has an incredible aesthetic that all members of the family will be impressed by. The stained glass windows in Little St Mary’s are also worth a visit, they are beautiful, particularly on a sunny day.

You should also check out The Round Church whilst you are touring the churches, it was built in 1131 and as one of just four Norman churches left in the UK, true history buffs will want to stop by and have a look.

  1. Trinity College

Trinity College is the biggest court in Cambridge and it holds various statues and sculptures of scholars. The building has been host to many famous members in the past, including Sir Isaac Newton. There’s a lot to see, including beautiful surrounding views, not to mention the famous Wrens Library which has a true Harry Potter feel to it.

  1. The Fitzwilliam Museum

If you’re looking for a fantastic all-round museum to visit on a rainy day, the Fitzwilliam should be on your list. It has Egyptian, Roman, Greek and English artefacts, as well as various art gallery submissions to suit every taste. You can easily spend a morning or afternoon here, particularly if the weather is bad and you have kids to entertain.

  1. Fitzbillies Cafe

Fitzbillies Cafe in Cambridge is a tourist attraction for one sweet, sticky reason – the Chelsea Bun. It has been serving these gorgeous delights for over 100 years and shows no sign of slowing down. You can’t visit Cambridge without picking up one of these incredible sweet treats.

  1. Anglesey Abbey And Gardens

This National Trust building is a must-visit if you love fine art and decor. It holds tapestries, art and other incredible furniture and design, as well as various other artefacts of interest. It is also surrounded by incredible green space, with lawns, a water mill, gardens and even a wildlife area perfect for little kids.

  1. Museum Of Archaeology & Anthropology

This specified museum is a great place to visit to see many interesting things from around the world, over a million in fact. The emphasis isn’t just history though, there’s modern and contemporary art too, as well as interactive exhibitions for children.

  1. Sedgwick Museum Of Earth Sciences

If you are interested in geology in any way, it is worth visiting the Sedgwick Museum Of Earth Sciences. It is jam packed full of rocks, crystals and minerals that defy belief. It’s an awe-inspiring visit if you have any interest in this kind of subject.

  1. Cambridge University Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are one of the best local tourist attractions and a great day out for most people, but especially gardeners and budding botanists. It comes with a massive 40 acres of space, but most interesting of all are the glasshouses which hold plants from all over the world. After a busy afternoon meandering around the greenery, you can stop in at the cafe for a well-earned cup of tea and some cake.

  1. University Museum Of Zoology University Cambridge

Perfect for the whole family, this museum contains specimens and artifacts from all kinds of animals, from the very tiny, to the very, very big. Some of the items on view have even been discovered by famous people, like Charles Darwin.

The museum is indoors, free and inspires the imagination of all ages, so it is definitely worth putting on your agenda.

  1. Trinity Restaurant

If you’re looking for a flush meal in a famous place after a hard days tourism, you’ll want to book into Trinity. The sister restaurant of Varsity, Trinity is an amazing celebration venue with champagne, tasty seafood and other high class fare perfect for a treat or special occasion.

Whether you’re moving to Cambridge or you’re visiting for a Staycation, you’re going to have an amazing time in Cambridge. With amazing tourist attractions, history, food, museums, architecture, culture and more, there’s something for everybody in this beautiful city.