Find out more about this beautiful area for inspiration for when you next visit Cambridgeshire for a staycation.

Holidaying close to home is something many of us are doing a little more often, for various reasons. The good news is that the UK is full of incredible places to explore, none perhaps as much of an all-rounder, as Cambridgeshire.

Cambridge itself is charming, vibrant and rich in history and heritage. It really is a fantastic place to visit for a long weekend away, and here are just 10 key reasons why:

1. The History Of Cambridge Is Rich & Diverse

Cambridge has an incredible history, especially when it comes to the iconic Cambridge University. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the world, with its beginning generally accepted as 1209.

There are also prehistoric settlements in the city, roots for the first official rules for football, and even a huge ye old foodie celebration of Queen Victoria’s coronation which held over 15,000 guests serving around a pound of meat per person.

If you love your history, or even if you don’t, you’re bound to find some interesting facts and figures forming part of this amazing city’s past.

2. There Is A World Of Food To Discover

If you are a foodie, you’re going to love Cambridge. There are coffee shops, restaurants and tea rooms to suit every taste and budget. The star foodie feature of Cambridge though is the Chelsea Bun. These gorgeous sticky treats have been sold in the well-known Fitzbillies since the 1920’s and make for the perfect sugary energy boost between exploration of this gorgeous city.

3. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Shopping when you visit Cambridgeshire is first class, especially if you’re a lover of winding and wandering between market stalls. It has a seven day a week market complete with colourful awning covered stalls, and friendly sellers. Stalls are selling local wears in the way of produce, jewellery, art, crafts and more. It’s the perfect place to buy a beautiful gift for a loved one, or just for yourself.

4. Dazzling Outdoor Space

There are lots of wide open spaces to enjoy in Cambridge, if you want to while away some time in peaceful surroundings. One very cute and peaceful aspect of those parks is the various cows that graze in them. These residential cows have been present for nearly 20 years, nibbling and crunching the grass, providing a really lovely vibe in Midsummer Common, if you’re after some quiet time.

If you don’t mind catching a train, you can also grab some pretty great escapism in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. It is huge, and has a wide variety of plants, blooms and shrubs both outside, and inside the stunning glasshouses. A great trip for budding botanists.

5. Museums Galore

As well as the history of Cambridge and its various buildings, there are museums to visit too. If you’re a history buff you will have a lot to choose from. The Sedgwick Museum Of Earth Sciences is great for geologists and dinosaur lovers alike, whereas the Duxford Imperial War Museum is perfect for war history enthusiasts and kids who love planes alike. Whatever your taste, these venues make for the perfect rainy day getaway when the weather isn’t playing ball.

6. Boozy Delights

If you like an alcoholic treat you’ll probably enjoy the various incredibly beautiful and traditional English pubs when you visit Cambridgeshire to snuggle up in with a craft beer or two. If your accommodation is quite central, you’ll probably find there’s a good few pubs to meander between to sample a good selection of the various decor types, and alcoholic beverages during your stay.

7. Worth A Punt

One of the most famous things to do in Cambridge is to go punting on its stunning river. The river goes right through Cambridge and into the Great Ouse. On a nice day it is completely covered in gorgeous boats and punts, as well as various people enjoying picnics on its banks. When visiting, you simply have to go for a punt at least once, especially if you are on a date.

8. Explore Cambridge University

Many people won’t ever get to actually go to Cambridge University as a student, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a visit anyway.

It is a famous university known worldwide, and attended by people from every country across the globe. Some of the best talents in the UK have attended the university, which happens to have a truly beautiful aesthetic. It has gorgeous patterned brickwork that dates back hundreds of years, as well as various elements to its architecture that give it a real Harry Potter feel. There are different parts of it all over the city so do make sure you take it all in, it’s an asset to the city.

9. Look Up And Around

The architecture of Cambridge is absolutely incredible, and can be seen spanning across many styles, time periods and aesthetics. Some are cutting edge, modern and futuristic in places. Some are much older, classic and grand. The best thing to do is to wander around and see the most famous buildings, but look up and explore the less famous ones too. There are hidden gems everywhere, if you just look.

10. Arts & Culture

The city has a lot to offer when it comes to art and culture. As well as the museums we mentioned above, there is a lot to indulge in when it comes to the theatre and performance. The most famous is probably the ADC Theatre which has had Sir Ian Mckellen, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry perform in its university amateur dramatics club in the past.

If you like to view art, there are various galleries to enjoy, with the Cambridge Contemporary Art gallery being particularly of note for those who love sculptures and cutting edge artists.

If you’re planning to visit Cambridgeshire on a staycation, these 10 reasons hopefully serve as inspiration for your next booking plans.

Thinking of moving to Cambridge? It’s worth visiting for an extended staycation to explore what is on offer. As well as the incredible aspects above, there are great schools, transport links and more. It’s a great place to live for professional couples, young families and retirees alike.