It can be really tricky getting an accurate estimate for moving house, especially if you’ve never done it before. There is just so much to consider and if you don’t know the questions you need to be asking removal companies, how will you know if you’ve got an estimate for everything you need?

The estimate and budget needed for your move will depend on how extensive your house move is. If you’re moving from one town to another nearby the costs will be a lot less expensive than say a move to another country. Here we look at getting an accurate estimate for a local move:


The Cost Of The Moving Company

When you get an estimate from a moving company you need to make sure it covers the entire move. You firstly need to know if the company charges by the job or by the hour. If it is by the hour you need to ask them how long they think the job will take. If they work on a cost per job basis, they will be looking at how many items they are moving for you, how difficult the items are to move, how much the items are worth and whether or not they need to pack them for you as well.



Most moving companies will tell you what insurance cover is included, what it covers you for and to what value. Look at the small print in detail when it comes to liability as you may not have a concern during the move, but if you unpack a precious item to find it was damaged in transit, you will definitely want to know if you’re entitled to compensation from the moving company.


Hidden Extras

You may find that there are hidden extra costs involved in moving that you were not aware of. For example; if you move in summer the cost of the move may be higher because more people move in summer, therefore moving companies increase their prices. In order to avoid paying over the top to engage the last company available, book well in advance.

The removal company may also charge for extra services undertaken during the day that you agreed to because you thought it was part of the service, like an additional trip or extra items.

Fortunately the best self storage companies and moving companies are completely upfront about their services and should tell you clearly if anything is going to cost you extra, but you can never be too careful so don’t be afraid to ask if you’re unsure. There are plenty of good removals and self-storage companies that offer great services at no additional cost, such as packing boxes and materials or free collection from your self-storage unit.


Other Costs

If you are moving the items yourself you will need to factor in things like fuel costs, food and drink costs for helpers and packaging costs if you’re packing everything yourself. You’ll also need to factor in childcare or pet-care if that’s something necessary to your move and the time it will take you. If you’re using self storage because your new home isn’t ready on the same day as you have to move out of your old home then you will need to know how long you’re planning on keeping your items in storage; and if you’re going to need to hire a truck to remove the items from storage when the time comes.


The more you plan ahead and think about the details, the more likely you are to create an accurate estimate for  moving house. It is wise to keep a contingency amount so you have some money left aside ‘just in case’ the move costs you more than you thought.