Find out how to move house more smoothly with the use of the latest technology and these moving house apps.

Moving to a new home can be very stressful and there is probably no way around that. However, there are ways to help you with things like organisation, selling, buying and more, especially with the latest innovative apps.

To help you with your house move, here are 8 of the best apps to help you move house:


WhatsApp is probably not what you expected to read on this list, but it can be so useful when you move house. Creating new groups on there for the move can really help to keep things organised, especially if you have several family members or friends helping you with it.

Mortgage Calculator UK

This is a really great app for when you are just getting started with your move. This app lets you know things like the amount you can expect to be lent by the bank, how much you should borrow, interest rates and mortgage repayments, and lots of extra handy advice.

Rightmove UK

Rather than just going on the website every day, the app can give you search alerts and information on useful local facilities like schools. This helps you keep up to date with the latest properties on offer for your budget.

Moving App

This application helps you get organised for your move letting you know what you have packed in each box, so you can easily locate things at your new place.

Shpock, Gumtree & Ebay

These are just some of the best apps to help you declutter, something you should definitely do before you start packing. Get that cheap self storage unit cleared out, whittle down your spare room contents and get that garage empty. The more you can get rid of for money or even for free, the less you have to pack for your move.

Around Me

This app is designed to help you understand what local amenities and attractions are near to your new home. You should go out and do some exploring, but the app can give you a head start to understanding what is nearby to enjoy and use.


Asana is a well known project management app. Whilst project management might seem like the kind of thing only a business owner needs it can benefit any area of your life that needs management. Asana, or any project management app could be extremely useful if you are moving, especially if the move is long-distance and requires more planning than a usual move.


Every phone has a notes application on it, which is just a digital notepad. If you are prone to losing your paper notepad then get stuck in to the notepad on your phone. It is useful for writing down anything you might forget and especially comes in handy when packing and at your cheap self storage unit where you need to write down box contents.

Hopefully these suggestions of moving house apps have helped you to feel like you have a little more help when it comes to moving house.

The process is so stressful but soon enough, with the above apps and a little patience, you’ll be enjoying your brand new home and creating brand new memories.