Here are some handy storage hacks and tips for every room in your home to help you clear space and reclaim square footage.

Is your wardrobe spilling out all over the carpet? Has your kitchen got such little space for making food that you have started to wonder if your local takeaway knows your eating habits better than you do?

Don’t worry we’re here to help.

Here are some top tips to help you reclaim some storage space and square footage in every room in your house:


Living Room

The living room is where the whole family spends a lot of time. For that reason it can be prone to being untidy and limited, in terms of space.

To create more space in your living room:

  1. Utilise furniture with inbuilt storage space, such as a sofa stool, which is hollow inside
  2. Cut down on ornaments and utilise shelf space to store items instead
  3. Use vertical space with hanging storage hooks and floating shelves


The Bedroom

The main storage space of a bedroom is the wardrobe, which can put quite a lot of pressure on everything else you want to keep in there. To help you maintain zen and serenity in the bedroom here are some handy tips to reclaim your storage space:

  1. Use cheap self storage for seasonal clothes so that your wardrobe is only full of items you are wearing during that time of year
  2. Invest in attractive dirty clothes bins to avoid the common ‘floordrobe’
  3. Utilise under-bed storage with boxes or vacuum seal bags


The Kitchen

Even with the best will in the world the kitchen can still become cluttered because it is such a practical space. However there is usually a lot you can do to make your kitchen less cluttered. Here’s how:

  1. Properly clear out the tins at the back of the cupboard, the ones that never seem to see the light of day
  2. Sell gadgets you never use and earn some cash instead
  3. Utilise storage containers that fit inside cupboards to group items and to allow the potential for stacking


The Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a highly practical space which means it can become cluttered. The problem is that it isn’t usually a top target for decluttering. Here are our storage hacks on how to reclaim bathroom storage space to tidy up this important room:

  1. Don’t store all your towels inside the bathroom. Instead, keep clean towels in the airing cupboard or somewhere else in the house where you do have space. Try to only have a couple of towels that are being used in the bathroom at any one time
  2. Don’t store old towel or old clothes bins inside the bathroom and instead keep them all together in your bathroom dirty clothes container
  3. Try to avoid as much floor based storage as you can as this tends to squeeze the square footage


The Garage Or Shed

The garage or shed are common areas used for storing any old things that you don’t use very often. This means they are prime spaces to be re-organised and utilised for space. Here’s how to clear space in your garden or shed:

  1. Store items like seasonal garden furniture and equipment in cheap self storage to free up space in the shed or garage for items you need more regularly
  2. Create hanging and floating storage in the shed or garage to free up floor space
  3. Declutter dried up paints, rock hard paint brushes and broken tools that you will never use and that you already have replacements for


The storage hacks and tips above might sound obvious, but in reality it is so easy to get on with the space that we have without really thinking about how we can make it better. By making a small start using the tips above, you can start to reclaim storage space and actively enjoy the true size of your home.