To keep your rugs looking and feeling great, find out how to store rugs really well when not in use.

Rugs are great additions to any home. They provide a focal point, they make it comfortable to walk on hard surfaces, they also provide extra warmth and extra colour to a space.

Whether you are doing your house up, fully renovating or simply switching decor for a new season, there will be a time you have to store your rugs ready to use again in the future.

Storing rugs incorrectly is far too easy to do, and it can ruin rugs permanently. Knowing how to store them well can save you a ton of cash, and the disappointment of finding your favourite rug in a bad way.

Try following these handy tips to store your rugs in a way that keeps them pristine:

Give Your Rug A Proper Clean

You should wash your rug according to manufacturer’s instructions. Washing the rug the wrong way can destroy it before you even get chance to store it. At the very least you should beat and hoover the rug. At the most you may wish to wash it properly, but do so with caution.

Dry It Thoroughly

Your rug should be thoroughly dried out before it is stored. If it isn’t dry it could rot, grow mouldy and generally degrade whilst it is in storage.

Protect Against Insect Damage

Insects will happily destroy your rug in self storage. To avoid them having a merry old time in your carpet, you’ll want to use a repellant on your rug. It is very important to only use a product suitable for the material your rug is made out of. Even when you’re sure, do a patch test just to check before using the product across the whole item.

Never Fold, Always Roll

Rugs should never be folded as this could damage them permanently. Instead, they need to be rolled in the direction of the fibres with most needing to be rolled with the fibres on the outside. Wool is the only rug material that tends to be rolled on the inside. Once rolled, the rug should be secured in place with something that doesn’t cut into the material.

Once the rug is rolled, you can wrap plain paper around it, or clean, breathable material. Never wrap a rug in plastic as it traps in any moisture and residue and can encourage mould.

Pick The Best Area In Your Cheap Self Storage Unit

When you place your rug in your cheap self storage unit you should not allow it to be:

  • In direct sunlight
  • In a humid area
  • In anywhere with extreme temperatures
  • Placed underneath heavy items
  • In a space where it could topple

Instead, you should place the item in a cheap self storage unit with climate control and blocked windows or no windows. Take care to rest it against a wall if you can, where it won’t topple over or have anything leaning on it.

Using the tips above you can store your rug effectively, ready to use it again in the future. The key is to always consult an expert or the manufacturer if you are unsure, especially if the rug is very expensive.