Read some handy tips on keeping the home organised and as spacious as possible whilst the kids adjust to going back to school. 

Whether the kids where you are already back to school or off on holiday, the fact of the matter is that going back to school changes the landscape of the house. Instruments, uniform, books and other kit starts to fill up each room, on top of what has already accumulated over summer. It will be the same when they leave to go to university! Having a big declutter session is always a good idea to create more storage and less mess. However, it doesn’t always do the trick when there are growing kids with an ever-growing collection of belongings and needs. So what is the best way to keep the home organised during this busy time?

Being Creative With Your Thinking Is A Great Start

Being creative about storage solutions will help you when you organise your home. Before you think about how, start with thinking about what. What is it that you currently have to organise? How much stuff is there in each room? What new areas might there be to accommodate, such as a desk and computer, or larger musical instrument? Once you know what you’re organising you can then think creatively about where those things can go. Every single space could be a solution whether it is under the bed, in the garage, on the walls or even in self storage.


Allocate A Specific Space

A really great way to focus your efforts is to choose a specific space for most of your child’s things. Can they have a study corner in their room, with a desk? If they can you can then look at clever desks with storage and space for books and equipment. If you can’t dedicate a space, maybe you can add a book shelf and school storage box in their room specifically for new school things. They can then know to take things from there and put them back before and after study at the kitchen table. If you are struggling for space and your child really needs a quiet study space, perhaps for SATS or GCSE revision, it could be worth clearing a room and placing items into cheap self storage temporarily. That way you’ll have more space at home to provide your child with the vital study space that they need.

Get Your Child On Board

It is important that the organisation you put in place is not neglected by your child, who is likely to be the main person interacting with what you have created. Get them on board with putting things away in specific places, and nicely, so that they save time for themselves and you looking for lost items. You may wish to incorporate the tidying and nice use of their storage spaces and work spaces into your usual reward system. Do be creative with organisation because there is usually more space than you realise in the home. Back to school time is always a bit chaotic but soon enough, routine settles in and a new part of the year becomes established and fruitful in its own way.