We are approaching that time of year when university students begin to start planning leaving home. For many, this will not be a first. However, for those school leavers embarking on the next chapter of their lives – it will seem a somewhat daunting time. That’s why considering student storage is a must in making this already scary time a little easier!

More often than not, first year students will spend time in halls/college accommodation. And it is likely that you will have less space than you’re used to! Student storage offers a low-cost, hassle-free solution to decluttering what is already precious space.

In doing this, you will be able to make the most of what space you do have and prioritise what matters. Moreover, this will create a better living and working environment throughout your studies.

What to take to University?

However, many of you will be thinking, how do I decide what to take with me to university and what to put into storage? Well, cheap student storage should make this decision slightly easier. The thought of your things being collected from your home and taken to a secure location may seem as if your goods will become inaccessible, yet it is quite the opposite!

Some companies offer free collection, which means your personal belongings will be put into storage free of charge. When the time comes to access these goods, they can be collected from the secure location in which the goods are being stored, or be delivered.

Although this may induce a charge. Cheap, hassle-free student storage makes choosing what you need for university a lot easier, you still may be wondering, what are the essentials?

Essential student items

Firstly, your own bed sheets and a mattress topper are a must! Nothing makes us feel more at home than our own bed and this is one way of creating that homely feel. Secondly, a laptop, plenty of stationery and a notepad are all essentials for lectures and your studies. And finally, comfortable clothes to make those hour-long lectures seem slightly less tiresome.

After you have filled your room with these so-called ‘essentials’, you might find you have enough space and you no longer need student storage. However, it is likely that you won’t have access to your halls, or college accommodation during the holidays. And so, you might find you still require student storage as a safe place to keep your things, especially those who live far away from their university.

Again, student storage can provide a cheap, hassle-free solution to this. Collection of personal items is free of charge from certain storage companies when term ends, and can either be delivered at the start of the next term, or accessed at the secure storage facility.

Student storage can provide the perfect solution to all students who are struggling to find space or just looking for somewhere safe to keep their things during the holidays.