Find out how to get your Christmas decorations out of self storage so they are ready to put up in your home in time for the festive season.

The time has finally come! It’s time to get your Christmas decks out of your self storage unit for the festive season! Yay!

To make sure you’re not contending with any breakages, dirt or other problems when you get your decorations home, here’s what to do when you go to pick these seasonal goodies up:

Carefully Locate The Boxes

It is important to carefully find your Christmas decorations in your self storage unit as not to accidentally cause any breakages at the last minute. Try not to rummage, and gently search instead. If you have an inventory for your unit you set up when you packed it for winter, this will be a big help in locating your decorations.

Unwrap On The Floor

Lay a sheet down and unwrap your decorations on the floor. It is important to do this in the unit so you don’t take anything broken back home. Unwrapping on the floor also makes it more likely you won’t drop anything from a height which makes items more likely to get broken.

Be Extra-Careful When You Open Glass Bauble & Ornament Packaging

When you are opening anything that is made from glass, be extra-careful not to cut yourself on anything broken. Have a thick bin bag nearby to place the shards in, and take care to sweep up any residue on the floor.

Check Everything

It is important to check all your ornaments, decorations and other items to ensure they are in good shape. Pay particular attention to check for:

  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Moth holes
  • Other signs of pests
  • Breakages
  • Missing parts
  • Bad smells
  • Stains

Any items that need throwing away, place in a bin bag and take a note of what they are if you need to replace them. Any items that can be repaired, washed or otherwise cleaned can be fixed up in your unit. This avoids you taking the dust and dirt home with you. The exception might be Christmas bunting or other items you need to wash in your washing machine.

If pests, mould or mildew are present it is important you check the rest of the unit for the root problem, and possibly even consult the staff at the facility if the issue is coming from the building itself.

Package Well For The Journey Home

Now you have only clean, complete decorations to take home; you can package them up for the journey home. Add extra packaging to anything breakable, and add labels to make the job of unpacking easier for yourself when you get home.

Now For The Good Bit

Once you have the clean and complete Christmas decorations from your unit you get to enjoy taking them home and putting them up. Soon enough you’ll be enjoying putting them up again for a wonderful festive aesthetic in your home, and hopefully, a very merry Christmas too!