Find out how to move a mattress that is big and bulky in a safe and secure way into your new home without the need to pay for professional help.

If you’re moving house without professional moving services you will need to move bulky items yourself. One of those bulky items is your mattress, which is an expensive piece of kit you don’t want to rip or damage in transit. You also don’t want to hurt yourself whilst trying to move it. To help you get your mattress, and yourselves, to a new property in one piece here are some tips on relocating it safely:

Carry It Properly

It is imperative that you use the strength of your legs and not your back to pick the mattress up. This is a key factor in all aspects of moving house on your own, but especially with heavy items. You can move a mattress with as little as two people, but if you can get more members of the family to help the easier it will be overall.

Move Breakables

If you’re moving your mattress into self storage rather than your new home, you may be moving the mattress before you pack other parts of the house. This is especially true if it’s a spare room mattress. For that reason you may want to move breakables out of the way in your home and in your self storage unit. It’s so easy to knock something over, which is extra cost and hassle you don’t need to deal with right now.

Moving Your Mattress With The Right Vehicle

The majority of mattresses will not fit inside the boot of a car, or even inside the entirety of the car with the back seats down. For that reason you may want to borrow a friends pick up truck, van or pay for a day’s van rental to move bulky items like the mattress. You can attach the mattress to the roof of a car but you will need to do so without covering up the windscreen. You will also have to work hard to make sure that it is really safe and secure. You will want to make sure that you have:

  • Wrapped the mattress in plastic
  • Used very strong rope or ratchet straps
  • Use the correct knots and attachments to make sure that the ropes are completely secure

Be Safe When You Are Driving

You should make sure that your view is completely un-obscured by the mattress. You may want to get some family members to drive behind you just to check that it doesn’t slip whilst you are driving.

Try Not To Use The Handles

Mattresses do have handles attached, however these handles can rip if you pull on them too hard. They are usually used for flipping the mattress regularly, rather than for moving it around. Lift the mattress and hold it with your full hand where possible, avoiding any tugging or pulling that could rip it.

The tips above can help you to move your mattress safely whilst keeping yourself safe at the same time. If you’re in any doubt about your ability to move the mattress do consider looking into the cost of professional movers. It may be cheaper than you think, and you may be able to get a referral from your local self storage facility.