Thinking of moving to Cambridgeshire? We’ve got you covered with these Cambridgeshire moving tips. Checkout this overview of the different areas of the county and what they have to offer.

Moving to Cambridgeshire is a great idea if you want to live in a gorgeous, historical part of the country with great links to London. It’s perfect for families and professional couples hoping to start a life somewhere new. Of course it is also perfect for entrepreneurs with an interest in the buzzing technology sector within this area of the UK.

If you are thinking of moving to this phenomenal area, you’ll have plenty of different areas to choose from. It is a county with historical areas, rural areas, bustling cities and more. There’s a perfect area for everyone. To help you in your search for the perfect Cambridgeshire place to settle down, let’s take a look at some of the different areas in and around the county:


Linton is a lovely village that has both modern areas of development, and older areas with period properties holding that little bit more character. In less than 30 minutes you can drive into Cambridge, so it is a great option for a base if you do need to commute. The train station in Audley End mainline is close by too, should you need a direct link to London.

It is also a popular area for families because of Linton Zoo and the high-quality schools. However, this is reflected in the quickly rising house prices in the area, so be wary of paying more if you choose to live in Linton.


Under 30 minutes from Peterborough and with its own miniature steam railway, Ramsey is a great option for families. It’s right by Great Fen, a meeting of two gorgeous National Nature Reserves so if you like getting outdoors, you’ll love this spot.


Within close proximity to Peterborough, Whittlesey is a good choice if you want to be close to shops, restaurants and amenities. Prices are rising in the area, although the pandemic could leave potential house buyers seeking more rural options moving forward.


Ely is the place that knocks Cambridge off the top place to live in Cambridgeshire. It is beautiful, charming and complete with its magnificent cathedral. The cathedral took over 300 years to make and is a real draw for the area.

Families are especially drawn to Ely because it has such incredible schools. Kings Ely School in particular is well known for its great reputation, offering boarding and day attendance to pupils.

Another one of the most important Cambridgeshire moving tips is that Ely is also an excellent choice for professionals commuting. It has a train that gets you to Cambridge in just 20 minutes, or to London in just 75 minutes.

Various shops, green spaces, eateries and amenities also mean the area is wonderful for time outside of work.


Cambridge is obviously famous for its incredible university which has seen a plethora of greats graduate from it, such as Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin.

The city of course, has so much more to offer prospective residents. It has some old, gorgeous pubs, various restaurants, shops and amenities to enjoy. The famous River Cam is also a central feature of life in Cambridge. Walking beside it and having a picnic on its banks is quite wonderful. If you’re brave enough, punting is a great activity to enjoy actually on the water.

Various other natural spaces also enhance the city, in particular the university’s Botanical Gardens, a must-visit for any budding botanist and plant lover.


Melbourn is a big village full of stunning thatched cottages and characterful features. It has places to eat and drink, so you don’t have to travel out of the village to get refreshments. If you do want to go somewhere busier, Cambridge is only ten minutes away and Bishops Stortford is only 20 miles away. You also have a rail station (Royston) less than ten minutes away in the car if you need to travel further afield.

St Neots

St Neots is an ‘up and coming’ part of Cambridgeshire which has a train station offering trains getting you to London in less than an hour. This makes it very popular with commuters who work in London wanting a nicer lifestyle away from working hours. Plenty of advice given about Cambridgeshire moving tips recommend this town for good value property. It has plenty of shops and amenities, although it’s not quite as quaint as other areas so it’s important to look past the aesthetic.


Huntingdon is a quiet, sweet market town complete with a gorgeous country park (Hinchingbrooke) with woodland, meadows and a lake. It’s a popular spot because it is so pretty, and it is also only 80 minutes by train to London on the Great Northern Rail line.

Royston, Hertfordshire

You can get to London in under an hour from Royston, and it only takes 30 minutes to drive to Stansted Airport if you happen to travel internationally for business.

There are schools in the area catering particularly well to young children, making it a great place for younger families to live.


Peterborough may not have a great reputation in Britain, but those who truly take the time to explore its history and beauty know full well that reputation doesn’t mean everything. It has some excellent shops, amenities and regenerated areas, giving you plenty to enjoy in your free time. Most importantly, it is more affordable than more popular parts of the county, so it is worth considering if your budget is on the lower end of the scale for the area.


Chatteris is seeing a huge increase in house prices at the moment, although there are still bargains to be had if you’re keen on the area. It could be so popular because it seems to be really well placed, making it easy to get to various parts of the county. It is only 20 minutes from Ely, and half an hour from Peterborough.


March is really pretty and bursting with natural spaces, if that’s what your family enjoys. It has the beautiful River Nene running through it, and some of the highest price houses actually look over this stunning feature.

There are also lots of great markets in the town, offering you opportunities to buy great local wares. Alternatively, you can get to Peterborough really easily if you need somewhere bigger and busier to shop.

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