Find out how to avoid common mistakes when you pack for self storage, to ensure your things stay in great condition until you pick them up again.

Cheap self storage is a great idea for both domestic and private use.

However, if you don’t pack correctly for it you may find that your things do not stay as protected as they could.

To ensure that everything is in the same condition you leave it in, here are 8 mistakes to avoid when you pack for self storage:

Packing Something Wet or Damp

Moisture is an enemy for storage. If you pack something wet or damp not only could it rot or rust the item, but the moisture could spread and create mould spores on other things in your unit. Ensure everything you pack is bone dry to avoid damage from moisture.

Stacking Weak Boxes

If you plan to stack items then you need to use strong items that will balance on top of each other. If you pack using weak boxes and then stack, you could return to a unit where the boxes have fallen, damaging the items inside.

Packing Items You Shouldn’t Be Storing

Do check the list of banned items at the facility you are using. Those items are banned because they pose some sort of risk, or are illegal. If you are found to pack items that are banned you could not only have your unit taken away but you could face criminal charges.

Using The Wrong Packing Materials

Certain types of packing materials may imprint onto your belongings over time. Dents, marks and other issues can occur because the wrong packing materials have been used.

Not Labelling

By not labelling you are setting yourself up for a real challenge when you come back to your unit and try and find what you need. Label everything more than you think you should, and make an inventory too, so you can easily find what you want when you want it.

Packing Leakables

Over time, lots of things are prone to degrading and leaking, such as batteries. Ensure anything that could potentially leak or degrade and damage your things is removed or packed separately.

Putting Delicate Things At Risk

Items like books, pictures and clothes can all be at risk of natural degrading if they are not packed properly. Clothes do best hung and then protected with a bag. Books and pictures are best with protective paper and then packed without folding or rolling. This is especially true if the items are of value.

Placing In A Dirty Self Storage Unit

Hopefully you have chosen to use self storage in London that is clean already. However, even the cleanest units can be dusty. To ensure your things go into a unit that is unlikely to get your things dirty, give it a quick sweep and hoover first, before placing your things inside.

The above 8 tips should help you prepare your things for effective packing and placement in a cheap self storage unit. If you are ever unsure, speak to the facility owners for some advice, or consult a professional packing company. Sometimes with valued belongings it is better to be safe than sorry.