Read about how to organise your self storage unit efficiently so that your belongings are easy to find whenever you need them.

Self storage is incredibly useful for both domestic and business use. However, it can stop being as useful if the unit is not organised well. It can become a rather large ‘messy drawer’ we may end up avoiding because we can never find what we want.

To help you find the use in your storage unit again, to ensure it is efficient and easy to use, take a look at these tips on how to organise your self storage unit effectively:

Choose The Right Unit For Your Needs

It is so important to have a unit that fits your needs properly. Too small and it could be really hard to organise. Too big and you may find yourself being more messy because you have lots of space to play with. One of the best elements of self storage is that you can easily switch to a unit that is smaller or larger than you need at any one time. If you are ever unsure which size to choose, speak to the staff at the unit and they will be happy to help.

Keep An Inventory

Having a digital or paper list detailing boxes that are labelled or numbered and what is in them is a great way to stay organised. A little explanation of where the box is in the unit is likely to be helpful too. Just be sure to update the inventory every time you add or remove something from the space.

Keep A ‘Tidy’ Box

Keep a tidy box containing handy items to help you keep your space efficient and clean whenever you visit. Here are some handy suggestions for what to keep in your tidy box:

  • Packing tape
  • Packing materials like old newspaper
  • Black bags
  • A pen and paper
  • Sticky labels
  • A mini hoover


Pack Your Things Well

Nothing makes a mess like a box that has fallen over and spilled its contents. To keep your unit tidy you will need to pack your things well and ensure they are stacked in the right places to keep them secure.

It may be that sometimes you don’t pack your things at all, which will only add to any disarray that you already have.

Neatly tidied items securely packed in boxes are great ingredients for a well organised self storage unit.

Visit Often

Do make sure that you visit your unit often to reorganise anything that needs sorting out. Check clothes and boxes for any signs of mould or moisture as wet items you don’t spot quickly will definitely make a mess.

Hopefully our tips above have inspired you to make the most of your unit by keeping it in great shape. Being tidy and well organised with your self storage unit means you can make the most of this handy service for as long as you choose to keep using it.