If you are starting a new business, you need to read about cheap self storage and how it can help you with your new venture. 

When you are starting a new business you have a lot on your mind. How to market your business, how to get investment, where to find customers – the list can seem endless. 

To help you tick one important job off your list, we’re going to give you the lowdown on cheap self storage. 

Cheap self storage is an incredible asset for any budding entrepreneur, here’s why:

It Is Perfect For Any Kind Of Business

Self storage is useful for a new start-up, a growing business, a franchise, an internet business. Self storage can even work for those who are self employed. Anybody who needs extra space without the commitment of a warehouse or office can benefit from low cost self storage prices. 

Stock Fluctuations Aren’t A Problem

If you only have seasonal stock, you like to rotate your stock or keep some stock in advance, self storage is really useful. 

Any Size Space

From the size of a gym locker to the size of a football pitch your storage space can be sized to suit you. Even better, it is easy to switch between sizes depending on your needs. 

You Only Have It For As Long As You Need It

You only need to utilise self storage for as long as you need it, rather than having to pay for a lengthy contract. This is so useful when you don’t have the means to pay for anything more than your business really needs. 

24/7 Stock Access

You can usually access stock any time of day to suit your business needs providing the kind of flexibility you need as a business owner. A lot of facilities offer this service because they know customers may work irregular hours, or stock deliveries may arrive during the night. Logistically it makes sense to be able to drop off, or collect stock at any time of the day or night. 

Excellent Security

You can’t afford to have stock damaged or stolen as a new business. Often, cheap self storage units have security to rival many warehouses or offices. At the very least they are certainly safer than your home. Even with the best security, you can’t rival the professional CCTV, lighting, reception services and lock points often seen at the best self storage units. 

Additional Services

There are lots of additional services at cheap self storage units that can be helpful for business owners. Packing services, moving services and even the ability to take deliveries can all be common additional features of a self storage unit. This can be so helpful as a startup when you need things to be as easy as possible whilst you work on taking your business forward. 

If you are currently starting a business, or even if you have an established business, cheap self storage can be incredibly useful. Why not skip the hefty fees and restrictive rules associated with warehouse and office rental and look self storage for startups today?