Are you moving your TV into self storage? It’s not a cheap piece of tech, so it’s important you prepare it for storage well, not to mention packing it, transporting it and storing it in a way that maintains its condition. In this article we’re going to look at five steps to help you prepare, pack, transport and store a TV so that it is in pristine condition when the time comes to get it out again:


1.   Prepare

To prepare your TV for London storage you’ll need to prepare it first, before packing it. Mostly, this includes cleaning the unit and accessories with alcohol wipes or special screen cleaner and a clean cloth, using compressed air to remove dust from any crevices or holes. It is also important to remove batteries from the remote control, as these can degrade over time in storage.

2.   Pack

Packing your TV for storage means removing all of the wires, labelling them and placing them into storage bags such as plastic sandwich bags taped to close them and then stick them to the TV box, or another small labelled ‘wires and accessories’ box. The stand should also be removed from the TV and placed into this accessories box. Packing the TV is then relatively easy. You need to wrap it in lots of bubble wrap, and place cardboard on the corners and either side for extra support. The TV should go into the original TV box if possible, or a similar sized box. Importantly, the box should be stuffed further once it has the TV in to stop it being able to move around. Once the box is filled and closed over, packing tape is helpful to secure it shut and add extra support around the weakest parts of the box, like taped seams. Lastly, label the box clearly so that you and anybody handling the box knows what is inside so that it is handled accordingly.

3.   Choose The Right Storage

The right London storage for your television should be clean, have great security and be the right size for other items you want to store. It should also have a friendly team of staff, and flexible, competitive rates. Mostly, though, when it comes to storing tech, the London storage has to have climate control. Technology can be really sensitive to extreme temperature changes, and climate control ensures it is kept at the same, perfect temperature to avoid it becoming damaged from extreme heat or cold.

4.   Transport

The most important thing when transporting the TV is to ensure it can’t move around during transport, ensuring it won’t be liable to any damage. You should also avoid stacking anything on top of it, and consider putting plastic around it if it is raining as you move it into the car or van.

5.   Store

When it comes to storing the TV in the unit, make sure nothing is leaning onto the box or stacked on top of the box. Stack it against the wall at an angle so it can’t fall over, wedging/ supporting the bottom end just to be sure.

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