Find out how to effectively store baby items like clothes, books, furniture and toys in self storage for future use.

When you have a family you will inevitably find yourself in a position where your little one is going off to school, or where you know you’re having a break from having babies but you plan to try again in the future. When these breaks happen you are left with lots of toys and clothes and furniture that cost a lot of money. The items probably also have lots of memories attached to them. In this scenario you’re unlikely to want to get rid of it all in case you do have another baby.

This is where secure, cost-effective and flexible self storage can come in really handy.

Baby Clothes

When you store baby clothes for future use there are a few processes you need to go through to ensure they are in as good a condition when you get them back out, as when you first put them in. You should first be sure about what you want to keep as you don’t want to pay for storage space you don’t need. Sell or donate baby clothes you no longer want. Any clothes that are stained or very worn, with missing poppers or buttons should also be discarded. There are companies who make teddy bears and blankets from sentimental clothes and materials so you could look into having one of those made if you’re hesitant to get rid of the clothes altogether. The clothing you are storing should also be very clean and dry and stored in plastic storage containers.

Label each box clearly and consider creating small guide to the storage unit so you can easily find items you need.

Toys & Books

When you store toys you should get rid of any that are discoloured or in bad condition. Anything inexpensive unless it is sentimental, is probably not worth storing. Once you have your chosen items you will need to clean them and apply an antibacterial agent to them like disinfectant. It is important to remove batteries from anything battery operated as batteries degrade over time and may leak and ruin the toy.

Package each toy appropriately to avoid anything getting broken.

With books you will need to pay a little more care and attention when storing as books are easily damaged. Make sure none of the pages are folded and that there is no dust or debris on or in the books. You should not store the books with newspaper because the print can come off onto the book. Regardless of whether the books are hard or soft, they should be stored in a way that other items are not leaning on them.


Larger items of baby furniture are well worth keeping because they can cost so much, they are also too big to keep at home when you need the space. With larger bits of furniture any soft parts like cushions or quilts should be removed, washed, dried and then packaged separately. With the main part of furniture you could disassemble it if that is more convenient for storage. Otherwise wrap it in foam and plastic and pay special attention to the corners which are vulnerable to damage.

Be Aware Of Safety

It is important to keep in mind that over time (even very short amounts of time) safety standards change, so certain items you keep may not be safe when you get them back out. A prime example of that is a car seat. Childrens car seats are constantly being improved for safety standards. When taking anything out of cheap self storage for babies you should check it will be safe for them before use.

Cheap self storage can offer a secure place to keep expensive and sentimental childrens toys, clothes and furniture for future use. Just be sure to store the items properly and check they still meet safety standards when you get them out for your new arrival.