Are you looking for a way to add a lot of storage to your property to avoid the cost of moving or extending? Read this about an alternative to moving house!


Moving house or extending a property are both solutions to a lack of space. However, both of those options are incredibly expensive, and sadly, the cost of living across the world is not going down at the moment. Economies are struggling with a range of challenges that are pushing the cost of all kinds of essentials up, such as pasta, bread, fuel and more. For that reason, you, like others, may be looking to avoid large financial decisions at the moment. In which case, what do you do about the lack of space? You’re still struggling to have enough room to live comfortably, so how can you extend your space without it costing the earth?


The answer is affordable self storage – here’s how:


Self Storage IS Affordable


Self storage will not bring you the same returns as a house extension financially. It is a case of spending money that you won’t ever get back. However, the value lies in its affordability and what you get for what you are paying. For a truly reasonable monthly amount, you can enjoy spreading out into a secure, clean storage space that you can use however you like.


You Can Have As Much Space As You Need


You may think you need to upsize you home to get the right amount of space but you can get a storage space as small as a gym locker and as large as a football pitch, which means you can have as much extra space as you need. You can empty your entire garage and spare room contents to create usable space at home, all whilst your belongings are safely locked up nearby.


It’s Easily Cancelled When You Are Ready To Move


If you do decide to create permanent space with an extension on your current home, or by moving house, your affordable self storage can be emptied and you can end your contract usually with just a month’s notice. Alternatively, extra space never stops being useful. So you could continue to use it for furniture storage as you renovate, for hobby items and more. It’s a useful service that will always be there when you need it.


There Are Handy Extras


With self storage units being so handy and useful to all kinds of domestic and business customers, facilities understand that various extras can be helpful. Extras like 24/7 reception services, electricity inside the units, climate control, free to use lifting and moving equipment and more are available at your nearest self storage facility. It may not be a reason alone to use a budget self storage facility, but it’s a really helpful extra that makes life that bit easier.


Enquire With A Self Storage Facility Today


If you’re interested in utilising an affordable self storage unit for extra space whilst you wait to make your next big house move or renovation, enquire with a self storage facility today. It’s a really helpful service that means you can truly maximise your current house space for the time being, until the time comes to make more permanent changes to your living arrangements.