Find out about the basics of the KonMari Method – the popular tidying methodology sweeping the globe.

The KonMari method is the methodology created by famous organiser and tidying pro Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her incredible approach to dealing with belongings in a way that creates a minimalist and functional home. The idea is to have a home full of belongings that “spark joy “.

To help you understand this method and make your home one that sparks joy, here are the basics of this incredibly popular approach to decluttering:

There is a lot to the KonMari method of tidying but it can be reduced down to 6 rules which are:

Rule 1: Commit to tidying.


Rule 2: Strongly envision the ideal way that you would like your life to be.


Rule 3: Appreciate each item before you remove it. Every item should be thanked for the purpose it serves before you get rid of it. In the series Marie also recommends thanking an item before you put it away.


Rule 4: Tidy in categories, not in locations.


Rule 5: Follow the rules of tidying in order, not in the order of tasks you would prefer to do first.


Rule 6: Ask yourself if an item sparks joy when considering what to do with it.


Within the six rules above Marie also has categories of items to deal with and these are:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Paperwork
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Sentimental items


Although these guidelines and rules have been created to help you add format to your decluttering process, realistically the ideal and core of the methodology is to help you remove items from your life that have no value to you.

It doesn’t really matter where those items are, whether they are in your cheap self storage unit, your bedroom or your living room. The point is that you’re getting rid of everything that doesn’t make the grade.

To find out what will make the cut Marie recommends that you start with category 1 on her list, which is clothing. Clothing is an item that commonly causes clutter, and Marie also notes that clothes do not get enough respect for what they bring to our lives. Marie places a lot of emphasis on tidying, washing, folding and treating clothes with respect which brings a new joy to the process of keeping your home in great shape.

After clothes you then go through each category and follow the same process of consideration until you end up decluttering everything in your home. Does it spark joy? Is it useful? Does it have a place in your home?

Sparking Joy

 If you follow the message correctly you should only end up with items that spark joy, or that are highly functional. Doing this can also help you recognise areas of the home that do not spark joy, or the areas that are truly dysfunctional. There are a lot of examples of redesigning functionality in the home on Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix.

The KonMari method above can inspire you to look a little further into a different way of decluttering your home. There are lots of methods to help you declutter well and who’s to say this one won’t work for you? Next time you reorganise your cheap self storage unit or your home why not give the KonMari method ago?