If you have been putting off clearing the clutter this article could serve as inspiration to get those bin bags out and make a start because there are health benefits to decluttering.


Did you know that decluttering is something that could not only benefit your home aesthetic, but your health too. It’s actually fantastic for your overall well being and here are 7 amazing examples of that:



  1. Less Trip Hazards

It might sound simple, but decluttering means that you have fewer things that you might trip over. Most accidents happen at home and clutter can often be a common culprit for this (as well as DIY!). By removing all that stuff you have less of a risk of falling over.


2. Less Stress

Many people find a cluttered space stressful. By decluttering and placing your things into cheap self storage, your environment is more tidy and organised, helping to reduce stress.


3. A Sense Of Confidence

A cluttered home can actually decrease a person’s confidence because they feel ashamed of their home. Even if somebody can’t see their house, just knowing that it is not presentable has an impact on a person’s sense of overall wellbeing and self esteem.


4. Less Chance Of Clutter-Induced Relationship Conflict

The health of your relationship could suffer when you have a messy house. This is particularly true if one person feels more responsible for the clutter than the other, who may then resent that person for being messy. The stress the clutter causes can also contribute to negative feelings between a couple.


5. Reduced Allergy Issues

The more stuff you have, the more dust and allergens you have because they have so many places to hide. With a cleaner, tidier home you have the ability to remove dust and debris from all the crevices, cleaning the air as you go. Just another one of the health benefits of decluttering.


6. Better Sleep

A tidy room is much calmer and relaxing to be in, compared to a messy room. It contributes to good sleep hygiene which aids sleep quality, which in turn contributes to better overall physical and mental wellbeing.


7. Less Loneliness

According to a charity that is fighting to end loneliness, around 45% of adults feel lonely sometimes and 5% who feel lonely always, or very often. Those who struggle with loneliness may be more prone to high blood pressure, cognitive decline, heart issues and even death. Shockingly, loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


A messy home can contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness, particularly when people feel a sense of shame about their home. They may not invite people round, and they may also start to avoid going out, as things feel a bit too much and it feels easier just to hide away.


One of the most important health benefits of decluttering is it can help reduce loneliness because it gives you a sense of confidence that can then be applied to how you are outside of the home. You are also more likely to invite friends and family round, which maintains your social life.


These seven tips are hopefully encouraging and will help you feel you have at least seven good reasons to start decluttering today. If you don’t have time to sort through your things now, put them into cheap self storage and sort through them later. That immediate improvement in your house and how it feels will be a fantastic boost, and a great start to a healthier life.