As energy prices are set to keep rising you may want to read this article for tips on how to use less energy at home.


Energy prices are set to continue to rise, which is worrying for most people. Whilst there is a lot you can do in regards to your supplier and your tariff, you can also do a lot at home to minimise the amount of energy you use in the first place. Every little helps when it comes to keeping energy bills down, and here are some tips on doing just that at home:


Switch Off, Don’t Standby


Rather than leave appliances like the TV on standby, turn them off instead. It saves you the energy of keeping the device on standby.

This should only be done with devices that won’t have an issue with reprogramming. Some devices like computers need to be properly shut down as switching them off at the plug can damage them.




Did you know that the more items there are in a room, the more energy it takes to heat it up? Furniture sucks up heat from the rest of the room until it is at the same temperature, even if you only have normal wall heaters. So essentially energy goes into heating all your clutter up first before the heating actually heats the air in a room. The solution? Declutter into cheap self storage and then when you have time, sort through your stuff and sell what you no longer want for some spare cash (that could come in handy for the rise in energy bill costs!).


Be Frugal With Washing Loads


Try not to wash little and often, and instead only wash when there is a full load to do. Even better, you may also want to run the washing machine on a timer if you know when the cheapest times are to do a wash. If you have a dryer as well, try and use it at a minimum as it can use a lot of electricity. In summer, try to instead hand clothes outside to save money on drying bills during the warmer months.


Shower And Don’t Have A Bath, But Shower Quickly


Having a shower uses less electricity than a bath, but only if you keep shower time to a minimum too. Ideally, you will have a shower of four minutes or under for a good saving on your water heating bills.




Draughts in the house can cause you to lose heat, causing your heating bills to be higher than they need to be. By using draught proofing methods like placing draught excluders under doors and filling in draughty window cracks you can save money and help your home retain lots of energy.


Pop The Lights Off When You Leave A Room


It is an oldie but a goodie. By turning the lights off when a room is not being used you can save money on running those lights, especially if you use LED lights which are even more energy efficient.


The rise in energy bills is set to be quite the shock for all of us, but if you are savvy about your energy usage and the providers you use, you could, with any luck, come through it relatively unscathed.